Extra Insight Into Venus Retrograde 2017

Discover the Deeper Meaning, Effects on Each Sign and Date Specifics

The Venus Retrograde cycle is a very special one. However, it’s difficult to maneuver through if we don’t realize what it’s all about. While other planets retrograde often, Venus only goes through the cycle every 18 months- 2 years or so. It’s an important and karmic time putting relationships and our value system front and center. Read more about this special time and the important dates that go along with it in this Special Two Part Report Exclusive written by Crystal B.

This Two Part Report Includes:

  • Deeper meaning into what Venus’ travel retrograde through Aries & Pisces means
  • A Special Forecast for Each Sign including themes of where Venus is affecting you most
  • Impactful details surrounding the Venus Retrograde Cycle
  • A specific date play-by-play of this 6 week period
  • Information about the specific benefits of this cycle
  • Other important information to be aware of during this March-April 2017 period

RAVE Reviews of Crystal’s Insights:

Your work is incredible Crystal. You pour your intellect and heart into your work and it shows – what a gift.

“Unbelievably accurate…”

“ Sure enough she’s always right @crystalbastrology”

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Venus Retrograde 2017 Effects By Sign

 Venus Retrograde 2017 Special Report

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