Of all the signs, Sagittarius is the one with the most vision.

They are the ones that will have a dream catcher hanging in their car or window. Nobody can catch a dream better than them. Dreaming the impossible dream comes naturally. Give them a bucket of lemons and they’ll come back with lemonade — on top of a long line of people eager to buy a cup. They have a way of capturing an audience with their positive vibe and can make something as simple as sugary water seem bigger and better than it really is.

Sagittarius thinks BIG after all.

Jupiter, the biggest planet, is their planetary bestie. There’s just no stopping how far they can go with their imaginations. They are the ones that can look out into the horizon and see possibility in absolutely anything. No matter how bleak a situation, a true blue Sagittarian can dream up all the scenarios possible to turn things around. When the going gets tough, the tough know to call their favorite Sagittarius for a positive reminder. Some of the other signs might balk and say their ideas are absurd and unattainable.  No matter, a Sagittarius will trek on anyway. They don’t care about what others think. When they see something that inspires them they go after it mind, body and spirit. Vision wakes their spirit up. It inspires them, as well as the idea that anything is possible. Take open possibilities away from a Sagittarius and crush their world. Vision is a necessity that continually feeds their mind and soul. An important detail to always remember about this sign is that they aren’t after the end result. Reaching the finish line would never be the end game to a Sagittarius. It’s the adventure in getting there that they truly seek out. In all actuality, they would be the first to veer off the road and switch up the plan suddenly. Mixing up the playing field is what they do best. Spontaneity is in their bones and they are constantly looking to alter the course. Nothing thrills a Sagittarian like the adventure. They need to feel the excitement of the unknown.

In relationships, there is a secret to capturing a Sagittarius heart.

Tell them there’s an adventure waiting. They will always come running. Many say that Sagittarius loves nothing more than to travel but there’s quite a few born under this sign that would counter that.  What thrills them most is looking at the world around. That’s the key that really gets them going. They love a new idea or talking about a deep belief system just as much as travelling the world meeting new people. The wide open world is their true playground and that’s filled with not only places, but people and ideas too. When things get boring, forget about it. Nothing sends a Sagittarius running for the hills quicker. They detest in repetitiveness and loathe things staying the same day in and day out. If they ever get stuck in a place where they can’t change up the play zone every once and again, their upbeat spirit starts to wither away. Freedom is what they really need and the ability to never feel caged in. Boundaries and limitations will never fly in a Sagittarian’s world. Explorers are what they are at heart and they need a lot of room to breathe and roam the world. They need to be able to get up and move around — even just a little. Running is what they do best because sitting still for too long never works for them. They need stimulation. Even something as simple as getting in the car for a drive with no destination in mind, makes them feel better. The thrill in chasing the unknown is always soothing.

Something else to keep in mind is that the symbol for Sagittarius is the Centaur.

This is a magical creature that is half human and half horse. A Sagittarius needs to get up and exercise their long legs just like a horse does. This is the sign that feels best running the distance having the wind blow through their hair. When it comes to relationships, this is a rather complex sign especially for those seeking out the eternal connection. The secret truth is that commitment can be a rather overwhelming thought to a Sagittarius. It’s not that they can’t do it. It’s just that they need plenty of room to breathe through the process. Some are willing to give that to them – while others can’t.

Freedom is what Sagittarius needs in order to stick around for the long haul.

Cage them in and push them away. Please note that freedom does not equate to promiscuity. Sagittarius just needs ample space to let that adventurer in them come out. Whether we come along for the ride or not, Sagittarius just needs to know that there’s an opening to get out and be the explorer they really are. The key that unlocks any Sagittarian’s heart is the one that opens the door where they can slip out every now and again. Giving them the ability to exercise their big spirit gives them comfort. That’ll always entice them to come back home. While they aren’t terribly domestic, they love their home base and will eventually always trek back to it. The last important element to a long lasting relationship with a Sagittarius has to do with the very thing I began with – vision. If we give a Sagittarius the ability to talk about their dreams, we can then connect to their big heart. Having someone, listen and believe in them helps them to feel complete. Give them the ability to let their spirit fly and feel their love come back tenfold.


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