September 2022 Horoscopes and Astrology

September kicks off in Virgo Season with the Sun shining in the sign that likes to organize, detail and get back to work! There will be some truly easy, breezy days to take advantage of in the coming weeks. That being said, we’ll need to go through some back tracking and diversions before we find the system that’ll work best. The third Mercury Retrograde of the year now approaches and it’ll surely deliver some persnickety annoyances along the way. A sense of stillness will surround us and it’ll be hard to gain a lot of momentum as we trek through it.

We’ll gain a lot of benefit out of Virgo energy that’ll push us to find a new order and system for ourselves. Time will be of the essence — and perhaps not enough of it to get done all we need to. In my mind’s eye, September starts off smooth, hits some bumps and snags, but finally eases once we get to the end. I always love seeing that the month closes out on a positive note vs. a negative one. Progress will be in the making! But I’m sure aggravations will present to make us scream along the way.

I really like September’s Full Moon in Pisces which takes place right after Mercury stations retrograde. There will be some auspicious days throughout the retro which helps to lighten the load of diversions being thrown at us. The seasons also change this month. The Libra Equinox arrives later in September along with a new energy shift. There are a lot of benefits and blessings available in the season ahead, which I’ve detailed below. A confusing Libra New Moon follows the seasonal shift, but all our tribulations make a lot more sense by the last days of September. While plans may change in the coming weeks, we’ll realize it’ll be for the better by the end of the month.

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