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The September 2018 Full Moon Creates a Pull Between Our Needs & Those of Others

With a change of seasons happening right alongside this month’s full moon a sign that more shifts, particularly in regards to our relationships, are upon us. The September 2018 Full Moon story is an important one because it pushes us to find more balance between what we want vs. what someone else wants.

Relationships are complicated but we all need to work within them in some way shape or form. If something is out of whack in regards to getting your needs satisfied—this full moon is going to be speaking to you. It also may take some of us by surprise in what it delivers and for that reason it’ll be important to be aware of our reactions to situations during this sensitive time.

Also keep in mind that Venus, the planet of love & relationships, is coming closer to her rare retrograde. The Venus Retrograde, taking place between October 3rd through November 15th, will be one of the most important times of the year in coming to new terms with our karmic connections.

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