The September 2017 New Moon in Virgo Has the Potential to Be the Perfect Fix

I’m sure that many of you would agree that things have been quite chaotic lately. In my opinion, there is no better ‘fixer’ than the sign of Virgo—which is precisely the sign that comes in full force with the September 2017 New Moon. With a grand reveal of a ton of ‘lets clean up the chaos’ Virgo energy, this is a a New Moon to take advantage of in every way possible.

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only September 2017 New Moon in Virgo Article “Little Miss Fix It”:

A distinct opportunity has the potential to begin with September’s Virgo Cazimi New Moon.

It comes onto the scene with a bag of Virgo tools all to be used to our advantage. The possibility of finding the ‘perfect fix’ for long-term problems will be high. Virgo energy is like a ‘little miss fix it’ who loves to find the perfect fix for things that just aren’t working.

The overabundance of Virgo energy in play at this time will help us regain order and discover some better solutions. Given that this September New Moon will be Cazimi an auspicious flavor or lucky factor comes along with all the new things- or fixes- we’re embarking upon. It’s also probable that these things are showing a strong sense of practicality. Virgo is all about practical solutions.

With the Virgo energy being showcased to the fullest we should be ready to get our Virgo on—and embrace it.

With 5 planets all now immersed in the sign of the Goddess, the Virgo energy will be hard to deny. A need or push to calm the chaos, along with taking care of our body mind and spirit, will all be present. Little Miss Fix It has arrived and she’s eager to take care of all sorts of business.

This is also an opportune moment to do a little cleaning (both mentally & physically) and get rid of things that have become toxic.

Virgo likes a clean environment and appreciates the beauty of purity. It doesn’t want to be surrounded by anything that could be denying it a ‘clean space.’ Some emotions may begin to bubble to surface through the cleansing process. Nobody said cleaning was easy to do.

Chiron, the wounded healer, will be in a bit of pickle with this New Moon creating some emotional challenge. He’s gearing up to make his final square (or challenging combination) to Saturn which can bring our fears and insecurities to the surface. That finality won’t peak until early November, but things are going to start becoming relevant here. Some important insights about our scars of the past may need to come out in order to heal and get us to the inner balance we need.

This New Moon will also give us the Windex we need to wipe away the denial or unrealistic expectations that have been fogging our vision.

As I mentioned, Virgo likes things to be kept clean. While the process of cleaning up is more appealing to some of us than others – no one can deny the great feeling that comes after it’s all done. Nothing beats the look, smell and feel of a clean house. Ahhh .. the feeling.

After all of the preceding chaos of the last several months, this September New Moon is the perfect ticket to implement a new plan….

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