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The September 2017 Astrology Will Push Our New Beginnings to Grow

In our own way, we have all been recently touched by something new (and perhaps uncomfortable) ignited by the August eclipses. The truth of the matter is that with a little TLC, all of them have the potential to grow and bloom into something profound. It’s been a slow start to seeing this come into effect given all the planetary road blocks. Thankfully, all of the earthy Virgo energy of September gives us the tools we need to start seeing our new plants take root.

The other thing to remember as we look ahead, is that we’re all blessed and lucky in some way. Despite the intensity of the last several weeks, there have been moments of warmth, light and compassion. Even though they may have been missed or hard to find – I guarantee they have been there. It’s important to remember them and appreciate the special moments that have helped us live, laugh and love.

I’m all about the future – but I never forget the importance of the past and present.

The planetary happenings of the next 4 weeks will be important in so many ways. They will be further reminding us to appreciate the moment of the hear and now, embrace how far we’ve come and get some new signs into where we go next. There will be moments of uncomfortable as we embark upon all of that. But anything new entails getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable. Something new is out there and it’s calling our name— it’s so close we can hear it. And when we finally get it, we’ll know it was always meant to be—despite the odds it took to get there.

In writing the forecast, I came across one of my favorite songs by 10,000 Maniacs – These Are the Days. The lyrics were a perfect lead into where we are now, as well as hope for where we go next. If you’re interested into getting into the September zone musically like I did, give a listen to These Are the Days and then read on to the rest of the forecast.

What's on the planetary menu

The September 2017 Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Mars Uranus Trine (Sept 2), Mercury Direct (Sept 5), Full Moon in Pisces (Sept 6), Venus Saturn Trine (Sept 12), Venus Uranus Trine (Sept 17), Cazimi New Moon in Virgo (Sept 19-20), Equinox (Sept 22), Pluto Direct (Sept 27) & Final Jupiter Uranus Opposition (Sept 28)


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The month of September kicks off with a Capricorn Moon helping us get into gear and move mountains. A building fest of energy will also be up for grabs to help us step away from the intensity of the past several weeks. On September 2nd, it’ll pay to be a little different as Mars swings into a do-si-do with Uranus (aka: trine). Their energy will be enticing us to embrace ‘getting our freak on’—in a good way! Expect a dramatic twist – or sudden change of events- on September 3rd when Mercury (in the final stages of his retrograde) meets up with Mars in ‘steal the stage’ Leo.

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Full MoonSEPTEMBER 4th-10th

Get ready for the most important week of the month! First, it’ll be time to celebrate and do a very happy dance on September 5th, as Mercury turns direct. The third, and likely most intense, Mercury retrograde of 2017 is now officially over. Most importantly, Mercury’s turn ignites the special Solar Eclipse point helping to reactivate & bring additional insight into where our new chapters are heading.

Additionally, there will be a magical Pisces Full Moon taking place on September 6th, right alongside Mercury’s forward movement. This will create a new turning point into where we go next and help close out all our unfinished business that has been looming. This Full Moon has some very special keys to its meaning— so make sure to read all about where our ‘Fairy God Mothers’ might be taking us.

Members Only: Get all of the week’s Hot Spot Dates & read the Member Only September Full Moon Article titled, “Fairy God Mother.”  Find out all the special details behind this magical Full Moon, including personal effects, tips to using it to your advantage and Sabian Symbol insight. Also, recap the details into how Mercury Retrograde was effecting you and what theme of your life gets activated next. 

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SEPTEMBER 11th-17th

Relationships and commitment to the ones we love are coming out ‘loud and proud’ this week. On September 12th, lover girl Venus in Leo will move into a sweet Saturn trine. We can use this to show off our commitment to the ones we love and want to protect. After that it’ll be time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business to make things really work. On September 13th, the Saturn’s hard ways will be testing the Sun and putting some obstacles in our way.

The weekend of September 16th and 17th, will be rather exciting in quite a few ways. Plan for something fun and totally different. Some of us will be making some new and unusual connections along the way. Our energy will be stimulated in more ways than one 😉

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SEPTEMBER 18th-24th

Two big events will light up this important week of September. The first will take place on September 19th-20th (depending on your time zone) with a Virgo Cazimi New Moon. I love this New Moon for all it’s potential and ability to ground us into the moment – as well as where we go next. With an over-abundance of Virgo energy in play the time is now to use all the benefits of this sign to our advantage … as well as how to stay clear of its shadows.

After that, it’s time for the Equinox on September 22nd. This special moment marks the Sun’s entrance into balanced Libra and entrance of Fall (in the Northern Hemisphere) and Spring (in the Southern Hemisphere). A seasonal shift brings a new energy onto the scene in addition to helping us welcome new kind of equilibrium in our lives.

Members Only: Read the Member Only September New Moon article titled, “Little Miss Fix It.” Find out why this New Moon is so important to setting the stage for where we go in 2018. Horoscopes also reveal what area of our lives this New Moon will be lighting up to the fullest.

Artwork by Yana Travel Art

SEPTEMBER 25th-30th

There is no doubt about it – September will close on an intense note in order to create a big push to get our new ‘blooms’ to blossom. I would advise laying low if you can – or be ready to make a rumble! High energy will be in effect all week long and it’ll be important to prepare for the shifts that need to happen. On September 25th, communications will get messy and lead us into Pluto’s power trip forward in Capricorn on September 27th.

The biggest turn of them all will be delivered by Jupiter and Uranus who will make their final stand off on September 28th. This will be the final Jupiter-Uranus opposition that has been in play since December of 2016. Their energy pushes us to step outside our comfort zone and do something different. If you haven’t stepped outside the box just a little in 2017 – this is a good time to do it (willingly or not!).

No matter how you slice it, these are big planetary turns and important cyclical shifts are coming out of them. At the end of the day, the universe is in motion pushing us into where we go next!

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A big shout out of thanks to Yana of Travel Art who creates special art while travelling the world! All of the watercolor pieces in this September Forecast were created by her. Connect with Yana and all her amazing pieces on her website Yana Travel Art and Instagram. I know I was so personally touched by her creations that I decided to have her make some custom astro pieces with a twist for me 😉 Stay tuned!

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