September 2016 Eclipses - The Deeper Meaning report by Crystal B. Astrology

Discover the Deeper Meaning & Personal Effects on Each Sign

The September Eclipse season will bring a new turning point into the changing terrain of 2016. Read all about what this important time means, as well as what you can expect personally in this Special Eclipse Report Exclusive written by Crystal B. and designed by Danny Caran.

RAVE Reviews:

“I LOVED your September Eclipse Report. Your work is incredible Crystal, you must have been writing for a week on end. You have poured your intellect and heart into this work and it shows – what a gift.  THANK YOU.  I also really love that you use the Sabian Symbols in your planetary summary and then show how it applies in all of our little (mundane) planetary whirls.”

Wow!!!! I was not expecting so much information!  Lots to digest!  Thanks!! Love, Love, Love all the imagery!!!  Love the stories of Adam & Eve and the Mermaid! Love reading this!!!”

“Unbeleivably accurate…”

“A #potenthabit of mine is to read monthly horoscopes and forecasts to better understand what is happening/will happen. It’s either Aha! Yes! OMG! Whoa! Ah Shit! Really?! or Hmmmm, let me check back later. Sure enough she’s always right @crystalbastrology”

This 20 Page Report Includes:

  • A Special Forecast for Each Sign
  • Impactful details surrounding the Virgo Solar Eclipse
    • Including Crystal’s Article “Tempting Fate in the Garden of Eden”
  • The Deeper Meaning into the Pisces Lunar Eclipse
    • Including Crystal Article “Bringing the Myth of the Mermaid to Life”
  • Sabian Symbol Explanation for each Eclipse Point
  • Cycle Information
  • Other important information to be aware of for September 2016
  • Special Art Work envisioned by Crystal and Brought to Life by Danny Caran

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