September Eclipse seasonThe September 2016 Astrology centers all around two back to back Eclipses.

It’ll be a roller-coaster month, to say the least, and several turning points will arrive in the month ahead. New chapters are igniting and old ones are closing out. Everything will center around the eclipses but there are some other important things happening alongside them. Luck will take an entirely new turn and communications will get mingled up with Mercury reverting back to his old tricks again. Mercury Retrograde is back! Patience will be needed while the universe helps steer us in the right direction. Gear up and get ready for a roller coaster month!

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So without further ado, lets dive in and see what is on the planetary menu in the month ahead! PS. Links to every sign’s personalized horoscope are at the bottom.

The September Hotspots Include:

Mercury Retrograde, Virgo Solar Eclipse, Jupiter enters Libra, Final Saturn Neptune Square & a Pisces Lunar Eclipse

What's on the planetary menu


September kicks off with Mercury in Retrograde and a high powered Solar Eclipse in Virgo (9°♍)on September 1st. While new chapters are set in motion, there will be delays and confusion in the midst of this powerful time.

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Another big week in the works with lots to make mention of. The lucky Jupiter enters Libra on September 9th, beginning a new time of love, luck and opportunity. The final Saturn Neptune Square will also peak during this time (exact on September 10th). This difficult combination has been the root of our changing terrain.

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Pisces Lunar Eclipse - StampaSEPTEMBER 12th-18th: PISCES LUNAR ECLIPSE

High energy will continue and peak with the September Full Moon. This Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces (24°♓) takes place on September 16th and create important closure and awareness. Behavior will be erratic and some people may be forceful in their approach. The ability to adapt and be flexible like the Pisces fish will help us muster through. 

Read more about the “Myth of the Mermaid” detailing more about this important eclipse in the September 2016 Special Eclipse Report in Member Horoscopes


Breathe a sigh of relief! The planetary intensity will finally ease with Mercury direct on September 22nd (he’ll station direct on September 21st in some time zones). The 3rd Mercury Retrograde of 2016 will finally be over and we’ll be able to feel much better about all the adjustments we recently had to go through. This point will also mark the Fall Equinox with the Sun’s entrance into Libra. September 22nd also marks the International Day of Peace which highlights the essence of Libra completely.

scorpio_uranius_signSEPTEMBER 26th-30th: PLUTO DIRECT & LIBRA NEW MOON

September will close out on a high note! Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, will station direct AND Jupiter the planet of LUCK will touch the Sun – exact on September 26th. This is another sign that energy is shifting in a direction where we can move forward. An opportunistic GOOD VIBES Libra New Moon will wrap up the month peaking on September 30th into October 1st (depending on your time zone).

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