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On October 27, 2019 a New Moon in Eye Opening Scorpio Delivers Some Pre-Halloween Discoveries

This month’s new moon story delivers quite the mix of planetary energy. With Uranus showing up as one of the the major players surprises are on the way, a long with important break-aways into new arenas. Mercury, the planet of communication, will also be creating his own kind of mystery. He’ll be days away from beginning his last retrograde of 2019. 

October’s New Moon sets the stage to help us dive deeper into the true heart of our matters.

Setting Your October Scorpio New Moon Intentions

  • Be open to “feeling the feelings.” Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign and for that reason this New Moon will contain a lot of emotions. Try to embrace them rather than run and hide. They will want to come out and it’ll be up to use to dive high or sink low as a result of their influence.
  • With the last Mercury Retrograde of 2019 looming (begining on Oct 31), I would use this black out period to begin the process of discovering what it is you need to reassess or rework. MEMBERS ONLY: Learn more about the coming Mercury Retrograde through Scorpio here. The Scorpio influence will be around for longer than usual this season!
  • Scorpio is a transformative sign looking for change on a very deep level. Allow new ideas to percolate about changes looking to take place.
  • Scorpio sees things much clearer than some of the other signs. Use this New Moon to be in tune with new revelations about people, places and things surfacing. Something now has the potential to surface— that wasn’t so apparent before.

Get more of the story with Crystal’s Member Only October New Moon video and learning visuals, highlighting the most important planetary details.

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