Say Hello to 2018: New Year’s January Super Full Moon in Cancer

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Moon Art by HolgaJen

It’s Time to Ring in the New Year With a January 1 2018 Super Full Moon

The first January 2018 Full Moon will take place on the same day the year begins—1/1/2018. It will be the first of two full moons in January (the second one takes place on January 31, 2018 and welcomes us into eclipse season). The new year  is coming with some serious fire works and a big push into some seriously changing terrain!

Full Moons create closure and turning points into taking things to a new level. Having one take place on the first day of the year is a signal that many of us are getting ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new.

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Here’s an excerpt from the New Year’s January 2018 Full Moon Article in Member Horoscopes:

Get Ready to Welcome 2018 with Some Super Charge!

This New Year literally kicks off with an auspicious Super Full Moon in Cancer—one that comes along with a special message for the year ahead. When we look up to find that message, we see that we’re standing at a cross roads where karmic destiny is being held in our hands. It’s time to make the most of what we’ve got while gearing up for something more.

There is a lot ahead as we look out into the terrain of 2018—but now is the time to decide where we go next.

The 2018 New Year Super Full Moon will be shining brightly in her most comfortable place – the watery sign of Cancer (a sign that’s very important in the big picture of 2018). She will be helping us energize our emotional fuel tanks as we embark upon these new roads. Feelings will be around for the taking — but so will our hopes and dreams for a brighter future. Many of us will be able to feel something new building. It’ll be igniting our vision and goals for 2018. Our intuition will be strong and a new kind of energy will be fueling us forward.

With the moon forming a very special grand trine, or auspicious combination, with Neptune, Mars & Jupiter there is abundance + feel good energy around for the taking. Despite the odds of anyone’s situation, a universal blessing will be shining through the moon’s rays of light. Opportunity is calling. If you’ve been on the sidelines waiting for a sign of where to go next – or wanting to know more about what your year has in store – this full moon will help guide you.

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Before I dive in deeper, I want to mention that the first full moon of a year is always known as the Wolf Moon.  The wolf is a powerful animal and spiritual symbol that represents intuition and awareness of our inner self. Similar to the wolf, this full moon has a very spiritual and potent psychic power associated with it.

Cancer, the sign of home and one the moon will be ripe in, is a cardinal sign . Despite her emotional pull, she will always take action when she’s ready. Emotions will fuel her forward and her desire is always to protect her pack with a ferociousness. This is a sign that also represents our Great Mother Earth in addition to female empowerment. A call for my ladies to take center stage and come out to lead the pack is in motion for 2018.

This full moon is also a powerful catalyst and sign that changes are upon us. It’s time to decide on whether we’re ready to embrace a new beginning or stay stuck in the past. I know that we’ll teeter for a bit on the scales – because all full moons pull us in two directions. But a distinct decision comes in which side to follow.

Unexpected encounters and out of the blue surprises will also come along for this super moon ride. Uranus, the planet of great awakenings, change & breakthroughs, will be stationing direct (exact on January 2nd) right alongside this 2018 New Year Moon.

There is no doubt in my mind that intensity will begin to stir a few days prior as a result. Change is in the air and this is a moment where…

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