On April 29, 2019 Saturn Retrograde Through Capricorn Begins

Saturn’s turn backwards is a planetary shift to be aware of because he’s a planet that means business. When he makes a move it’s important to listen up. He’s Father Time, after all, and regardless of the bad rap he’s gotten through the years – he’s a wise old soul that carries an important message.

This important planetary station is a point where we are given the tools necessary to get in touch with whatever it is that we want. The Saturn caveat, of course, is that some losses are going to need to be cut in order to get there. Saturn is a planet that can be harsh—with a capital H. He likes lines, boundaries—and has no qualms with X’ing out what no longer serves. His mission is all about pushing us to become more solid in where we stand. This includes getting rid of things that are preventing us from standing strong.

Saturn will be reminding us what needs to stay, as well as what needs to go

If you see yourself getting this message it’s important to pay attention to it. The planets have been on overload (thanks to a building conjunction/collision between Saturn and Pluto). Their dirty dancing has taken some of us along for an intense ride. Many of us are still in the process of catching our breath from a series of intense Full Moons. Thankfully, some breathers are in store as some of this planetary intensity lessens.  BUT it will be back–so pay attention to what’s in play now. 

There are benefits to be had through Saturn’s retrograde period which will be in effect till mid-September 2019

The beginning stage of the retrograde is the most important. This is the point when the awareness of the reality of our situations comes to light. Then, during the months that follow we go through a process of important realignment. Whether it be people, places, things or thoughts—be ready to cut out things no longer serving you. Despite Saturn’s “no-pain – no gain” attitude, his retrograde is a beneficial period that helps us get in touch with what we really want.

Remember that fear is not an event but a feeling

As far as feelings go, what will likely come on strongest is the emotion of fear the closer we get to Saturn’s turn. Fear comes in all shapes and forms. It’s a personal feeling that no one can argue with you about. It creeps up out of no where and can get bigger and badder the more you give in to it. It’s kind of like a little snowball and the more you let it tumble around in your mind – the bigger it gets. If you’re not careful, you could have an avalanche of emotion on your hands. But you can stop it in its tracks if you feel it building. You don’t have to give in. Your mantra right now should be “I GOT THIS.”

There is no doubt that Saturn is a tough planet that hates shortcuts. Some call him karmic while others call him a beast of burden. Patience is what he demands and because of that his process is slow and arduous. There’s an upside however to this beast of burden planet. Most may forget to tell you about Saturn’s good side.

Those that have been aware of his trials and tribulations are happier for the re-shifting ONCE IT’s DONE

The problem, however, is that we have to cut through a lot of fear, anxiety and worry to actually get there. Whenever you feel scared or worried about something, it’s likely that Saturn’s there in the background heightening those feelings which is the case right now.  He is likely one of the worst offenders of instilling fear BUT if you’re aware of him – you can push the fear aside and not let him get the best of you.

Look out ahead and remind yourself that you will not let Saturn’s fear take you down

With his motion backwards through Capricorn all components relating to it will be highlighted. Capricorn rules foundations, structures, rules, responsibilities and boundaries. These are being tested in the general public, as well as our own personal lives. Keep in mind that retrograde periods help to show us areas that need to be reexamined and redefined in our own personal lives. Saturn will go retro till  mid-September 2019. So we’ll have about 5 months of extra work in whatever area he’s affecting to re-shift things properly. Gear up and get ready but remember if you feel that fear factor creeping in … remember to let Saturn know you got this.

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