Saturn Retrograde Delivers an Important Turning Point of the Year

The planet of patience, perseverance and hard work moves into his annual retrograde on June 4. A signal to “get to work” always arrives when the strict and business oriented planet goes back. His turn brings important attention into “where you’re in it to win it.” This is an important moment of awareness into the area that he’s been creating the most amount of change and challenge.

What he does in the moment of directional turn is usually felt on a global scale, as well as a personal one.  Saturn will go retrograde till October 22-23. Once he moves forward, he will go on to complete a near 3 year cycle in Aquarius and head into his new ventures through Pisces (happening early March 2023).

Fixed Challenges

Saturn has continued to be quite a challenge for the fixed signs in 2022. Anyone with planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius have encountered Saturn’s trials and tribulations first hand. It’s been prickly for anyone with those placements, to say the least. These signs are fixed in their ways and do their utmost best to keep control. But things have been unravelling in unexpected ways and the control that they once had is no longer attainable. The struggle has been real — and unavoidable.

Now as Saturn begins his annual retrograde new developments will come into play surrounding the work that must be done. Saturn loves work and pushing his sleeves up to achieve something great and long-lasting.

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