The Saturn Pluto Conjunction, Taking Place on January 12, 2020, Will Be a Game Changer For All Of Us

This once in a 34 year transit holds the keys of major change, personally and globally, that have been building for quite some time. It’s easy to see that things of intensity will take place when two of the most intense and feared planets collide.

When it comes to the deeper meaning of the Saturn Pluto Conjunction of 2020, however, is that the story started to set into motion quite some time ago. 

A total destruction of sorts began during particular periods of 2019 (end of April and July for instance). I couldn’t help but mention A LOT during some of the New & Full Moons of that period. If those time frames were eventful for you, then this major planetary alignment peaking in January will likely affect you personally. Looking back, I’ve also been finding that people who experienced difficulties between the years of 2012-2015 (the period of the destructive Pluto Uranus Square) are also effected. Now, at this stage of the planetary cycle, things that were happening then come to a new phase of rebuilding. 

There are a lot of reasons why this planetary combination will create major ripples for years to come. We can use some astrological history to explain why. 

 The last 3 Saturn Pluto Conjunctions took place in November 1982 (Libra),  August 1947 (Leo) and November 1914 (Cancer). 

Humankind survived all those periods, so DON’T fear the worst. But there were MAJOR events that rattled fears, along with creating revolutionary BREAKTHROUGHS, RESTRUCTURES, PIONEERS, INVENTIONS and PROTESTS.

Some of these events around the world included:

1982 (Libra leads the way)

  • The Canada Act (sealing the deal for Canadian independence)
  • Break-up of the AT&T monopoly
  • NASA’s STS-3 mission launched; Sally Ride, who would become the first American woman in space the following year, was a member of the support crew
  • The largest cash robbery in history occurred in New York when $9.8 million was stolen 
  • Around 700,000 demonstrators gathered in NYC’s Central Park protesting nuclear weapons
  • Severe recession begins in the United States
  • Doctors performed the first implant of a permanent artificial heart

1947 (Leo leads the way)

  • International Monetary Fund IMF begins to operate. The IMF was created following the breakdown of world trade and currencies during the Great Depression
  • UFO allegedly found in the Roswell UFO incident
  • India and Pakistan gain independence from Great Britain
  • Bell Laboratories invents the transistor (not shared publicly till 1948)
  • National Security Act is created and facilitated major restructuring of the United States military
  • The start of the Cold War which endured over four decades
  • CIA established
  • Diary of Anne Frank published

1914 (Cancer leads the way)

  • Year of the First World War
  • Ford Motor Co nearly doubles worker wages
  • Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets’, a wildly popular and influential orchestral suite, was written depicting all the known planets of the Solar System and their corresponding astrological character (not made public till a few years after it was created 1914-1916) **Side note: As an astrologer, I just couldn’t help but include this!

Something to note is that a few of the things created during these periods were not made public for some time later. Keep that in mind as you go along. The sign of Capricorn will lead the way this time around, given that’s where all the planetary activity will be taking place. Even if you have no connection to Capricorn, you still stand to feel the effects in some way. We ALL have this sign operating somewhere in our personal astrology (some more than others of course!).

Break-throughs will be happening in so many areas, but we may not see the true effects till after 2020. In particular, I believe 2021 will also be significant when many of the major planets move into Aquarius (the sign of invention + brilliance).  

The good news is that the exact collision in January 2020 marks the final collision point. From there we can truly begin to RISE up and rebuild something totally new. While there will be a lot of intensities and wake up calls, there will also be planetary support to aide our rebuilding efforts. Sense of community will be important, as well as gathering around people who share your beliefs (which may be undergoing some change).

Saturn Pluto Conjunction Horoscopes

One of the most important ways to rise up and out of the possible destruction of these planets is awareness. Knowing about the energy is one thing; but being in tune with the bigger picture is the way to stay on your game.

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