M.Fernanda MB for Crystal B.

M.Fernanda MB from Chile for Crystal B.

Many of our realities are in the process of changing.

Masks are coming off and things are being seen in ways we never thought imaginable. The truth is that this process has been in play for a while (since the end of November to be exact). Now it’s working up to a new peak. What we need to see is coming in stronger than ever. Something called a “Saturn Neptune Square” is in play and these planets are creating an energy that is literally erasing the superficial.

Many of us are in the process of being stripped down to the core as a result.

You’re being affected by this energy if you feel like the way you are seeing things is changing. It’s also the culprit behind feeling like the changes happening around you are not what you expected. The grip you once had is now completetly gone.

New truths are coming to light. Dissillusionments and facades are being painfully erased.

It’s difficult to see things as they really are. Processing it is even harder.

Love is truly at the heart of the matter in my opinion and we all love something.

Something could be anything. A person, a place, a thing and even an idea. But sometimes we have to let the things we love most free.

if you love something set it free

So many of us are out there trying so hard to make things work—but they just aren’t. Our vision of what we wanted isn’t coming to fruition. The maze gets more complicated as we go along and we’re tired. People are throwing their hands up saying “enough is enough.”

And that’s the point where we tend to make our biggest decisions.

When hard transits such as this are in operation we tend to do big things. In this instance we may decide to set whatever our love is free ….and let it fly away.

The love we have needs to take on a new shape now.

This is where the change part comes in.

If it comes back then it’s been said that “it’s meant to be.” But was it ever mentioned that when something comes back it’s got to be different?

Things can’t go back to the old way anymore because that’s what wasn’t working in the first place.

And when they say “if it never comes back it wasn’t yours in the first place” is something I disagree with 1000%.

That’s simply not true.

It should read, “if it never comes back then you’re not meant to change together.”

As we embark on one of the most changing energies of 2016, I think the planets are reminding us that it’s ok to let go. Something is going to come back – no matter what. I guarantee it.

Despite feeling stripped away now, a new way is in the works that will soon begin to fill in the void.

It’s time for something new to replace the thing that isn’t working. We’re evolving to a whole new level now. This is soul evolution at its core. And with Mars going retrograde still … karma is certainly in play.

Whenever we feel such extreme emotions, the planets are driving us. And if we don’t take action the pattern repeats over and over until you break the cycle. Karma’s around for the taking but only we have the power to break it. Free will baby.

Sink or swim. Use the energy at hand and swim yourself to an entirely different destination. Let go and see what the universe gives you to fill the space.

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