Gears by Nickie of TDsilhouettes

Gears by Nickie of TDsilhouettes

The next major planetary shift is in motion and this one entails having to look at things a little differently than before.

The reality that surrounds us may be up for a change. I want to break it down in an easy way because what’s happening is already in play if we tune into it.

It all begins with this great picture of how we want things to look.

We’ve all got that vision or idea … as well as a plan to bring it to life. It’s the way things are supposed to look and by golly we’re going to get it. We deserve it …. don’t we?

However, the thing that can mess us up the most is that perfect picture of how things are supposed to be. Many of us can probably relate to that feeling of disappointment. Some of us may even be wrapped up in it currently—given the planetary influences in motion.

Now, let’s get something straight.  Everyone’s idea of “perfect” is a little different.

For some it might be the white picket fence surrounding the perfect house.

OR the perfect relationship where you feel that bliss EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

That perfect wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend that does everything RIGHT and always SAVES THE DAY.

OR that perfect kid that does everything right.

OR that perfect job where you feel utter satisfaction all of the time.

OR the perfect looking person that’s flawless in look and always looks ever so amazing.

I know you know what I’m talking about because in some facet of your life, you’ve likely got that perfect picture. Somewhere deep inside of all of us is the idea of some kind of perfection.

When we get caught up in this idealism and that vision … Neptune is affecting us.

Now of course, we all know that perfect is never really reality. When our perfect vision starts changing, we’re suddenly tossed into a new environment that requires change. Fear, uncertainty, anxiety and worry all come along for the ride too … because what are we going to do now that things aren’t so perfect????

That perfect house? Well there might be lots of crap to see once you walk through the door.

That perfect relationship or perfect partner? Sorry Charlie … all relationships need work after a while … and everyone involved sheds some tears and goes through the ups, downs and all-arounds.

That perfect kid? Yeah right. Most honest parents will tell you their kids are anything but.

The perfect job? Sorry guys, that isn’t happening either. Work is work and that’s why we get paid to do it.

That perfect looking person? Umm … probably not. Images can be airbrushed and video can be edited. There’s likely a lot to that perfect person that we’re not really seeing.

This influence… the one that pops our perfect bubble and brings us back down to reality is Saturn talking.

Which brings me back to the here and the now. For you see, Neptune and Saturn are about to get caught up in a rather challenging debate. If you want to get technical it’s called the Saturn Neptune Square but let’s keep it simple shall we?

Neptune is going to be shouting out his idea of perfect. He wants that perfect picture. He’s the planet of illusion and fantasy and has all these ideas whirling through his head about how grand things are going to be.

Saturn, a completely different type of energy, is going to be wagging his little finger saying “yeah right”. His influence is going to be shouting “time to throw a little reality back into the mix people”.

The first wave of Neptune and Saturn’s challenge will peak on November 26th, 2015. There will be two more passes in 2016 but I bet the first wave is the most eye opening.

Of course the question I hear whirling through people’s minds right about now is, “how will this affect me?”

Which brings me to the very picture I chose to pair with this post. BTW: Thank you Nickie of TDsilhouettes for letting me use your eye opening piece.

As depicted in the picture, something may be hidden from our vision. A blind fold of some sort is on and the time is coming where it’s necessary to take it off. Some new truths may start revealing themselves and a cloak of denial will begin coming off. People’s true motives and intentions may become clearer than ever.

The wheels in our minds will begin turning like the gears in the picture. We’ll begin thinking and trying to logically define our new way through the “not so perfect.” Of course it’s important to remember that our thoughts can most often be our worst enemy. We may be thinking this new picture is absolutely horrible but others may think it’s not such a BIG deal.

While it may be hard to find balance as we see our way through this new picture – it is possible.

Here’s a few Neptune/Saturn challenge TIPS and how to see our way through this not-so-perfect terrain:

  1. Being open to the idea of the not so perfect is a good way to start. That picture was perfect but there’s a new kind of perfect taking root now.
  2. Finding (or at least beginning to think about) new ways to change our approach could also benefit. It’s a hell of a lot easier for us to change our behavior rather than forcing someone else to change theirs.
  3. Making the decision to stop giving away our power to the people who don’t deserve it is another way to make good use of this energy. This is a planetary influence that will be testing our boundaries as well as the ability to maintain them.
  4. Follow our intuition (Neptune) rather than the conventional (Saturn). Beautiful things can come in not so beautiful packages.
  5. Sharpen up your power of belief or faith that the chips will fall exactly as they should. There’s a bigger picture in play and this new reality or picture we’re embarking upon will eventually benefit us for some reason or another.
  6. My final tip is probably a little unconventional for a predictive astrologer like myself 😉 Stay in the present rather than forecast too far out. I’m all about the future but I’m more aware of the present. We can’t get to the future without acknowledging where we are today.

On a final note I want to close out with one of my favorite quotes of all time because it truly wraps up this influence beautifully.

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” – Sam Keen

Get ready to take off the rose colored shades. Whether you realize it or not, a new wave of change is approaching and many of us are in the midst of it already.

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