The New Moon November 2019 Takes Place in the Sign of Sagittarius & Encourages Us to Manifest Miracles and Engage Our Souls in Some Fresh Starts

On November 26th, 2019 an optimistic Sagittarius New Moon will be helping us put the past behind us. This opportunistic New Moon marks an important time to move ahead—with totally new perspective.

Sagittarius is the sign that can cheer any situation on, no matter how bleak, and see the potential for something better. Quite frankly, many of us are in need of that special dose of optimism. Many things are changing all around us and it’s getting harder and hard to process them all. Sagittarius is our cheerleader… and with this November New Moon will be chock full of its “rah rah rah” energy.

Just like a gypsy that travels around from town to town, the nature of Sagittarius likes to roam. And roam he must. Keeping this sign caged up will never work. It’s a necessity to have a back door to slip out of and fly free. Get in tune with your need to be free and find a way to light your fire. Honestly, after a rough few months this kind of thing is precisely what so many of us need.

Whether we realize it or not, we all have that freedom seeker somewhere inside us. Some of us may have it hidden deep within. While others are flaunting it proudly on their facades— ready to run away at any given moment.

Find a new outlet or place to feed your soul is what this Sagittarius New Moon is saying.

It will also be calling us to manifest a new vision and truth because of all the possibilities that are in motion. Of course, things may seem far different now than they did earlier in the year – but a new decade is calling. 2020 is on the horizon. It’s time for some fresh starts and this Sagittarius November New Moon is just the ticket to make it happen.

Find out where this New  Moon energy takes place in your astrology and get more of the story with Crystal’s Member Only November Newl Moon video and learning visuals.

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