Your Rising Sign or Ascendant – The Door to You

The Rising sign or Ascendant is incredibly powerful in a person’s personal astrology – it’s like the door to who you are. 

We’ve all got one. People can see it – but not everyone can see what’s on the other side. While most of us grow up with, or commonly refer to ourselves by our Sun sign – there’s another sign that’s actually even more important.

The sign that was “waking up” or rising at the moment you were born is the sign that paints your front door. This is what is most commonly referred to as your Rising Sign.

When people first see you, they don’t see your Sun sign – they see your Rising Sign or front door.  Your rising sign and the characteristics of that sign can sometimes be much more powerful than the Sun sign itself.  It’s only if you decide to  let people through your door that they will be able to see your Sun and how it’s shining.

If you feel like you really don’t relate with your Sun sign – you might want to explore what your Rising Sign is because it’s a deep part of you.  You could also think of your Rising Sign as the “lens you see the world with.” The way you view things and approach anything is very much connected to your door and the traits that go along with that sign.

Another important tip – is to read for your Rising Sign when you’re checking out your horoscope like in Crystal B’s Membership Horoscopes.  You’ll likely find more accuracy by reading for your Rising Sign first and then checking out what’s being said about your Sun sign.

So go ahead, find out your exact birth time, and read more about the sign that paints your front door. It’s fun, neat and insightful ?

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