Sagittarius Constellation by ThreePurpleOrchids

Saturn in Sagittarius season is officially in full swing.

Saturn is officially in Sagittarius and will remain in the free-thinking, open-minded and worldly sign till the end of 2017.

Some shifts are more important than others when it comes to astrological influences. Saturn’s sign change is definitely a game-changer. He only changes signs every 2 1/2 – 3 years and every time he does energy shifts and influences change.

With the influence of Sagittarius in Saturn’s path, the power to believe and find new meaning is going to come through more powerfully then ever. Sagittarius is the sign that thinks openly and wonders about the world in a broad sense. He loves to travel the world and share his experiences with others. With Saturn operating here, Sagittarius themes will become prominent and brought out into view more prominently.

Saturn is the planet that many of us would prefer NOT to invite to the party. He makes us work hard and challenges us. At the end of the day, his aim is to get us closer to what it is we really want. The journey there, however, is a lot easier said than done.

There’s benefits to gain out of Saturn’s ways and his rewards are far better than any lucky Jupiter transit. Even though Saturn creates challenge, change and forces us to be patient – he does it for a good reason.  His influence is all about helping us get rid of the things we don’t need, in order to better be able to find the things we do.

Sagittarius is the sign that rules over higher education, foreigners, long distance travel, publishing, teaching, religion and our philosophical views.  It’s a sign that likes to roam free and not be boxed in.  Having freedom in all facets is paramount to Sagittarius.

Saturn’s influence over the next several years is going to challenge and test these new themes.  We may not be able to run away from certain things anymore and our patience could be tested as a result.

On a mass scale, we can already see the beginning of Saturn’s influence in the new sign taking form.  Higher Education is already being reformed because people can’t afford it anymore. Online learning is getting more popular and all forms of education are embracing technology.

The world of publishing is changing given that more and more people are opting for reading things on-line vs. in book form. Newspapers and other hard print media are rapidly going away and being replaced with more mobile friendly outlets.

Many things are being transitioned into I-phone and mobile everything. Everybody wants to do everything on the go – in true Sagittarius style. The majority of my readers (over 60%!) look at my articles on a mobile device and I know that # will continue to grow.

Foreign policy will also continue to make the news and new alignments will likely result. Religious institutions will also likely continue to evolve and become more open minded – since people aren’t as connected to their faith as much as they were in the past.  Churches and religious institutions are being forced to evolve and give up their old stringent ways in order to continue to exist.

These themes, along with other Sagittarius matters will be challenged but it’s a good thing.  Something isn’t working anymore and things have to be realigned in order to fix them.  The influence will have an impact on our own personal lives as well.

Here’s A Few Notes on What Your Sign Can Expect:

Scorpio –  You’re in the clear of Saturn’s influence – Saturn just left your sign for good on September 17th – PHEW you made it 😉

Sagittarius – You will feel this move the strongest and find that it’s time to buckle down and get more serious.

The other fire signs, Leo & Aries, will have the benefit of feeling Saturn’s good side since they will be positively impacted by his influence.  I’d expect some long overdue payback for hard work & perseverance to help them.

Saturn handsomely rewards those who’ve worked hard.  Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius may also be able to tap into Saturn’s favorable side a well. Capricorn and Aquarius, you might also start feeling a little lighter since Saturn is your ruling planet and the realm of Sagittarius is a lot better on the psyche than the dark realm of Scorpio.

Pisces, Gemini and Virgo will likely feel the more initiating and need to change side of Saturn.  Seeds you planted  some time ago (intervals of 7 and 14 years ago) might need some re-examination in the next 2 years.  Cancer and Taurus will also have to go through some sort of readjustment phase in this period – however Saturn’s influence on your sign isn’t quite as strong.

Find out all the extra details, including where this energy is affecting your sign in member only:

Saturn in Sagittarius Influence on all Zodiac Signs

The key to really understanding this new phase is finding where the sign of Sagittarius lives in your personal astrology.  That’s going to unlock the area in your life that’s about to go under “re-examination.”

I personally think this is a good shift. I love the Sagittarian spirit and am looking forward to new viewpoints and beliefs coming into play.  Astrology will also likely benefit and more open-mindedness about its impact will become more widely accepted. Yes, I am jumping for joy in the background 🙂

When we’re through many of us will have a stronger sense of faith in believing that all the twist and turns thrown at us are happening for a reason. There’s a reason behind it all.

Saturn will be operating in Sagittarius through December 20, 2017.

For additional insight, check out the member scopes to read about the monthly happenings of Saturn’s specific influence on your sign. *If you’re looking for a memory jogger, the last time Saturn danced through this sign was November 1985-November 1988.