An Opportune Moment Arrives to Reflect on the Mirror of Venus

On June 17, Saturn will move into a tense combination with Venus, the planet of love. This marks an important moment  to tune into your VALUE. While this combination is typically not the greatest for matters of the heart, we can choose to use it to our advantage. Let’s take a look at how to turn the rough edge of Saturn into a positive.

Mirror of Venus: What Do You See?

The symbol of Venus is similar to a hand mirror because what we VALUE is a reflection of who we are. Consider what you see when you look at yourself in the current moment.

✨Maybe Saturn’s rough edge is pushing you to RE-VALUE your worth and who you are.

✨ Maybe he’s saying you should surround yourself with people that value you and X out those that don’t care.

✨Maybe he’s forcing you to SEE things differently because you are WORTH so much more than you ever thought.

Who’s Really the Enemy?

I think a lot of old school astrology makes Saturn the bad guy. I get it. I’ve been through some tough Saturn transits just like the rest of us. But maybe he really isn’t the enemy. He’s a force. A catalyst. A prompter. A change agent. He wants you to be crystal clear, sharp and in tune with your reality.

Use Saturn’s edge to become aware and begin valuing yourself in a more loving way. As the age old saying goes …love yourself first …. and the rest falls into place ✨


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