Le décrocheur de lune by PhotographyDream

Le décrocheur de lune by PhotographyDream

Curious about your 2016 Astrology?

Of course you are – everyone is right about now! The New Year is upon us and everyone’s in the mode of thinking about where it will take us next. To help add a little extra flavor to your thoughts, here’s some extra insight into where the planets might take each of the signs in 2016. The Main 2016 Forecast can be found here

If you know your rising sign (free rising sign calculator here), read for that one too because it’s important in getting those extra details into our stories.

Aries 2016

With Uranus, the planet of awakenings, running strong through your sign in 2016 there’s no doubt you are going to feel a live. A new vigor may even come over you and it’s even possible that you decide to change your look – in a radical kind of way. This is your year to step outside the box and switch up routines.  Keeping the faith that everything happens for a reason is also key. Chaos always comes right before some of the greatest and most beneficial changes.

Key Words:  Awakenings, Persistence, Believing in the Power of You, Appearance Changes

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Taurus 2016

Things are looking up for you in the year ahead. You have been working hard to achieve your goals and 2016 is a time when some positive universal payback comes into play. Both the lucky Jupiter and empowering Pluto will be working for you. You’re moving into a time period where you can live a little and have some fun.  Children, relationships and dating should be particularly beneficial.

Key Words: Slow & Steady Wins the Race, Let Loose, Confidence Booster, Career Empowerment

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Gemini 2016

The New Year will be anything but dull Gemini and I know you’re all about mixing things up. You’ll gain extra benefits on the family front and will find they will be a great support to you in 2016. Relationships will go through a process of change. You’ll be finding ways to roll with the ups and downs. Something may not be working and 2016 will be a period to gain more awareness of what you need to feel complete.  Decisions could be made in order to deepen committed relationships. Important transitions could come in your career.

Key Words: Family Ties, Friend Switch-Ups, Relationship Awareness, Career Opportunities

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Cancer 2016

Deep changes have been happening within you Cancer. You’ve been going through a process of letting go of the old you, in order for the new one to take its place. Things are looking up for you in 2016 and you might find yourself taking more short trips and getting out more – especially during the first half of the year. Communications are also important and you’re finding better ways to get your point across. Where you live or work could go through a process of change or readjustment in order to make it better. Co-workers could also become a prominent theme.

Key Words: Letting Go, Spiritual Healing, Living Environment Changes, Career Awakenings

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Leo 2016

All that creative and inspirational energy you felt on 2015 is now going to manifest a whole new level. It’s time to take your ideas and make them real. Money will be a prominent theme and you might find yourself spending more. However at the same time, additional streams of money may find you as well. Your belief system is also going through some radical changes as well and you might find yourself connecting to new and unusual teachers.  It’s likely that you become more on the go in the 2nd half of 2016.

Key Words: Money in – Money Out, Unusual Spiritual Connections, Practical Creativity, Bigger is Not Always Better

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Virgo 2016

This is your time Virgo to shine. With the lucky Jupiter emphasizing your sign for the first half of 2016, it’s time to make the best of your new found confidence. If you haven’t been able to tap into the feeling of empowerment yet, hang in there as its coming. You are really changing and your look might even be going through that process as well. Relationships as well as family themes are key for 2016. You’ll be finding new ways to see the inner operation of your committed and family relationships. Financial benefits could come in the 2nd half of 2016.

Key Words: Confidence Booster, New You, Relationship Awareness, Family Dynamic Changes

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Libra 2016

Good things in store for you Libra and I know you need it! Radical shifts took place in 2015 that affected your sign deeply. The good news is 2016 is your year to rise up and feel the universal love. A new and beneficial 12 year cycle is approaching. The first half of 2016 will be a time to look more inward in order to prepare for a coming out in the second part of the year. Expect to feel empowerment and confidence as well as benefits in the relationship department.

Key Words: Soul Healing, Empowerment, Relationship Benefits, Greater Satisfaction

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Scorpio 2016

The last few years have been intense Scorpio and 2016 brings the point where you really embark upon your upwards ascendant. Like the phoenix coming out of the ashes, you too will rise up and feel a sense of confidence again. The New Year might begin a time where you begin to downsize a bit – getting rid of things that no longer serve you. A new sense of value comes over you. You might also make some radical changes in your living environment or the place where you work. Connecting with friends or taking part in new groups will serve you well.

Key Words: Downsizing, Creative Surges, Friend Empowerment, Group Leader

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Sagittarius 2016

Prepare to get serious Sagittarius! Big moves are happening all around you that are shifting your awareness and pushing you to focus. The New Year will begin a totally new kind of adventure. You are moving into a chapter of great achievement. However, patience and determination will be key in getting there. You’re looking good on the career front for a good part of the year – so make sure to put yourself out there even if it means taking on greater responsibility.  This is also a great time for self-improvement and dieting. You are in the committed mind set.

Key Words: Moving Mountains, Patience, Making Dreams a Reality, Finding Content in Stillness

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Capricorn 2016

You’ve been working hard Capricorn but have gone through some serious setbacks through the process. Your sense of self as well as the stamp you want to mark on the world has been going through radical change. Letting go has been a key theme of the past. Now is the time to reap the rewards of that process. The first part of 2016 is beneficial to learning new things as well as your spiritual development. You will be able to take advantage of what you’ve learned in the 2nd half when your career gets a boost.

Key Words:  Peace of Mind, Breaking Barriers, Lightening Up, Believing the Impossible is Possible

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Aquarius 2016

Aquarius things are looking good for you in attracting people to help you accomplish your goals. There are benefits to be hand in joint and combined resources. New sources of income may begin to manifest. You’re also moving through a period where help comes a little easier. Come the 2nd part of the year, you may start travelling a little more or perhaps take up a new learning endeavor.

Key Words: Travels Galore, Attracting Help from Others, New Money Making Endeavors, Positive Partnerships

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Pisces 2016

There’s no doubt about it Pisces, some big changes have already begun manifesting deep within you. You’ve been cleaning out your emotional closet in order for the new you to fully emerge. That process will only continue in 2016 and it’s a good thing. The release is going to help you get better in tune with who you are and what you want as well as put a shining light in the relationships department. Expect to move mountains in your career. There will be major benefits to be had in the area of relationships and partnerships.

Key Words: Relationship Centered, Making Dreams a Reality, Ambitious, Emotional Cleanse

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Art Credit: Thank you to Yann of PhotographyDream

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