Our personal astrology is like a big complicated puzzle but I promise to keep this post simple.

Deciphering “our code”, putting the puzzle pieces of our personal astrology together, and unlocking what it really means involves looking at a lot more then just our Sun Signs. In order to account for everything that makes us who we are, we’d need to look at three important factors in addition to that shining Sun.

Let’s take a quick look at three important pieces and see what they really mean in each of our puzzles.

Puzzle Piece #1: Rising Sign

The biggest key to our puzzle really involves discovering what our Rising sign is. The Rising Sign really needs to be the first sign considered when looking at our personal astrology. This is the sign that was waking up when we were born and it sets the stage of our lives.

Puzzle Piece #2: Planets – Most Importantly the Moon

Looking at where all the planets were living at the precise moment we were born is another big part of the puzzle. Each planet was behaving in a certain way and making connections to other planets. This translates into how our personalities operate as well as how we interact with others.

As far as the planets go – they are all important in their own way. The Sun gets the most hype but the Moon and it’s operation in our chart is likely just as important!

Puzzle Piece #3: Houses

Houses in Astrology are another crucial piece in our complicated puzzles. They are what we use to differentiate the various areas of our lives.  There are 12 houses in every Astrology chart. Each is ruled by a sign and each one represents a different theme.

The Rising Sign  sets the stage but the houses it creates brings events and themes into our pictures. Each of our house placements, or what particular areas in our lives are going to be most prominent, are critical in discovering all that our personal astrology reveals.

In all honesty the puzzle piece list could go on—but I promised I’d keep it simple 😉 Astrology and all that is entails is a combination of a slew of elements.  Putting all of them together isn’t necessarily easy but once you see how they all intertwine with each other it’s a marvelous revelation and eye opening vision.

We can use all of our astrology puzzle pieces to give us clues about our personalities, karmic destiny, relationships and the future. It could take a lifetime to try to understand them all but each time you discover a new piece and lock it in with another it’s a wonderful revelation.


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