Rebirth: 2023 Astrology Insights Inspiration Horoscopes Guide


2023 Astrology Horoscopes Guide (Downloadable eBook)

Intuit, Manifest and Work in a Live Virtual Setting to Engage with the Energies of 2023

Set your intentions for the next in the most powerful way. Get enchanted, excited and prepared to work with all the energies of 2023. Discover how the planets align for you, and what it all means as you prepare to embark upon the next and be your very best self.

2023 Astrology Horoscopes Guide Details

This visually inspired detailed astrology forecast, rich with timelines, calendars of lunations & power dates, allows you to easily learn about the transformative astrology of 2023. Learn about the new cycles, their history, how they relate to repeating patterns in your life, and what it all means as you get ready to embrace a year with an entirely new set of dynamics. Gain access to cosmic tips and tools to help initiate and connect to a totally new kind of inspiration as you make your next annual goals. This book will help you understand the big picture surrounding the 2023 playing field including its story and deeper meaning. Gain tools to plan with the planets and work with the universe. Know the opportunity factors and caution points all with practical and positive wisdom.

Book Excerpt: Taking in the landscape of a new year is always beneficial in aligning yourself with the energies in play. There are a lot of things about 2023 that will appeal to many of us. New beginnings, fresh starts and finding the ultimate place to land in order to implant roots for the long-haul. This is the year that we really start waking up to our new realities, the after-math of what COVID really did and dive into making a fresh start.  The sense of being stuck will dissipate and new pathways will open up just a few weeks into the start of the year.

New beginnings will be ripe for the taking and new cycles will be waiting to unfold. This is the part that’s exciting and the side that I’m eager to share in discussing the 2023 terrain. But along with new beginnings needs to come the uncomfortableness of saying goodbye to the old — once and for all. The honest truth is that a completely new way of life is in the making. Evidence of how it needs to unfold will become apparent as we make our way into all the “newness.” Important structures that can no longer be sustained have been torn down and now a new paradigm gets room to grow. Of course, it will take many years for the new existence of the collective to crystalize but it all begins to take root here and now in 2023. 

How we emerge into our new existence will be a choice that’ll remain with each of us, personally. We can adapt, flow, choose love over war —- or not. Everyone will have a choice. "

2023 Horoscopes Guide Includes:

  • Deeper meaning and story behind the back drop of 2023
  • Journal prompts & work book exercises to help you align properly
  • In depth revelations surrounding important go periods, opportunity factors & stop points
  • Key relationship insights including 2023's Summer of Karmic Love

2023 Horoscopes Guide: Major Astrological Influences

  • Astrology Learning Tools
  • Mercury Retrogrades
  • Influences of all planets & how you can relate to them
  • 2023 Lunations by Month
  • The Moons Nodes & 2023 Eclipses
  • In-depth 2023 Time Line

2023 Horoscopes Guide Detailed Inspiration for Every Sign Including:

  • Inspiration, motivation and advice for how to align with your sign's specific energies
  • Key themes & major planetary influences for your year ahead
  • New Venus in Leo Cycle
  • Jupiter in Aries + Taurus Opportunity & Expansion
  • Saturn Moves into Pisces: Limitations, Restrictions, Challenges & Triumphs
  • Mars Dual Nature Factor Kicking off the Year: Getting Ready for my Big Go Moment
  • Uranus in Taurus: Embracing Upheaval & Change
  • Neptune in Pisces: Plant Medicines, Magic, Illusions & Spirituality
  • Pluto's Preview of Aquarius: A New Kind of Revolution in the Making