2022 Astrology Horoscopes Guide and Workshop Bundle


2022 Astrology Horoscopes Bundle (Downloadable Guide + Live Workshops + Bonuses)

Bundle Pack Includes 2022 Guide plus TWO LIVE WORKSHOPS (2022 Forecasting Seminar +  Aries Spring Equinox Check-In)

Intuit, Manifest and Work in a Live Virtual Setting to Engage with the Energies of 2022

HOLIDAY SPECIAL SAVE 10%: $89.10 (Full Price: $99) EVERY ORDER INCLUDES 3 BONUSES. Guide + Free Artwork 

BONUS: Every Purchase includes one high resolution download of Cosmic Collage art (choice of 12 different signs) FREE (value $44)

SUPER BONUS (1): Every Purchase is automatically entered for a chance to win a private artistic consultation with Cosmic Collage, including a custom downloadable piece of art especially created for you (value $750)

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Super Bonus Winners to be Announced on the first New Moon of 2022, January 2, 2022

Bundle your 2022 Astrology Guide with 2 Live virtual Workshops and SAVE over 50% (total package value $250). Access your 2022 Guide, free art download and join Crystal on the Capricorn Winter Solstice and Aries Spring Equinox. Engage with the astrology of 2022 in written format, with visualization and during multiple live workshops with access to Q&A. Set your intentions for the next in the most powerful way. Get enchanted, excited and prepared to work with all the energies of 2022. Discover how the planets align for you, and what it all means as you prepare to embark upon the next and be your very best self.

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2022 Guide Details

This visually inspired detailed forecast, rich with timelines and calendars of power dates, will allow you to easily learn about the powerful combinations of the year ahead. Find out about their history, repeating patterns in your own life, and what they mean as we get ready to embrace a year with an entirely new set of energies. Gain access to cosmic tips and tools to help initiate and connect to a totally new kind of soul food as you make your next annual goals.

This near 100 page book, broken out into Three Sections, will help you understand the big picture surrounding the 2022 playing field, know the opportunity factors and caution points all with practical and positive wisdom.

Book Excerpt:

“As you vision out into the next, buckle up for a completely new kind of trip.  The astrology of 2022 delivers an Alice in Wonderland kind of story where you’ll be led down a completely surreal kind of rabbit hole. One that details enchantments, new beginnings, mystical occurrences and serendipitous moments. A spiritual adventure for the soul awaits.

Magic is real and a new sense of it comes to life as we travel through 2022’s roadways.

The year ahead has the potential to change your life for the better--- an elixir of a totally out-of-the-ordinary-extraordinary kind. But we’ll need to focus our lens on seeing the big picture, cutting through denial and pioneering new initiatives while committing to follow-through…  all while not getting too carried away.

Important old business needs to wrap up in order for the new to take place. Karma and fate collide. This is a year that fairytales are made out of. But we must surrender to our own personal destiny, along with the agreement of soul contracts (ones that need to be kept intact and those that need to break) to successfully come out on the other side. This is a year where both Venus and Mars will be major players. When the lovers of the zodiac come front and center, we change relationships with others and ourselves."

2022 Guide Part 1: Your Myth in the Making

  • Understand the deeper meaning and story behind the back drop of 2022
  • Thought provoking questions to ask yourself in order to align properly
  • In depth revelations surrounding karmic collisions & opportunity factors

2022 Guide Part 2: Major Astrological Influences

  • Astrology Learning Tools
  • Mercury Retrogrades
  • Influences of all planets & how you can relate to them
  • 2022 Lunations by Month
  • The Moons Nodes & 2022 Eclipses

2022 Guide Part 3: Detailed Horoscope Inspiration for Every Sign Including:

  • Inspiration, motivation and advice for how to align with your sign's specific energies
  • Key themes & major planetary influences for your year ahead
  • Venus Retrograde & Rebirth
  • Jupiter Opportunity & Expansion
  • Saturn: Limitations, Restrictions, Challenges & Triumphs
  • Mars Factor: Directing My Focus into Something Meaningful
  • Uranus: Embracing My Wild West Influence
  • Neptune: Magic, Illusions & Spirituality
  • Pluto: Transformation

Ticket for LIVE Capricorn Solstice Workshop with 2022 Forecast, December 21, 2021 @ 12-1:30pm ET

Work with Crystal, virtually in a group setting, on the change of seasons to learn more about the 2022 Forecast and gain live inspiration, motivation and courage for the year and season ahead. Set your most powerful intentions and begin to visualize where you want to go in 2022. Recording included.

Ticket for LIVE Aries Equinox Workshop & Beginning the Astrological Year March 18, 2022 @ 12-1:30pm ET.

Check in with Crystal, virtually in a group setting, as we embark upon the Aries Equinox and entrance of Spring. The Aries Equinox is one of the most powerful times of 2022. Fine tune the happenings of your year and gain wisdom and cosmic tools to initiate and manifest with a brave heart and the best of intentions. Recording included.


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