Pluto Uranus Square April 2014: Time to Take A Leap Of Faith

Mar 21, 2014 | Pluto-Uranus Square | 4 comments

pluto uranus squarePluto Uranus Square 2014 here we come!  The Pluto Uranus Square is just about back – AGAIN.  On April 21st, 2014 the planetary pair that have been duking it out since 2012 will be back at it for the FIFTH time.  This time, however, will likely be the most impactful since Jupiter and Mars have joined in on the fun creating a rare cardinal grand cross.  If your eyes are spinning and you’re totally confused – don’t be.  I’m going to simplify things for you.

We’re caught up in a wave of change and if you have no idea what the Pluto Uranus Square is you’ll have a better understanding by the end of this post 😉 Too many of us have been caught up in a wave of uncertainty and change (because of the Pluto Uranus Square) since 2012 and it now continues on.  We’re all being forced to change – whether we like it or not.  If you’re ready for change then you’ll do fine with this energy push.  If you’re set in your ways, then the planets are about to deliver a powerful message that you might not like.

The waters we’re rowing through are about to get a little more unpredictable.  Many of us are about to decide if we’re going to stay put and ride out the unruly storm (which is likely not the best choice here) or take a leap of faith and jump out to find rescue.  Nobody can tell you what the better option is because each situation is different but the decision is about to be made – whether you want to or not.  Your life will likely look different when we’re through the planetary storm but in the end you might be grateful for it.

People with planetary points ( around 14 degrees) in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will likely feel the impact of this storm the greatest.  The end of April will mark a time when you’ll see what IS working as well as what’s NOT.  You’ll probably think – but how will I know?  My answer is that you just will.

With a Lunar Eclipse happening mid month (4/15/14) and Pluto stationing a little before that, things will align to make it abundantly clear what you have to do.  The grand cross in effect will push us to find balance between our careers, families, relationships and individual needs.  I also want to add that this type of energy is not a light tap on your shoulder that whispers “Honey I think you should take a look a that.”  This is a jab type kind of thing that shouts “Wake up and smell the coffee.”

The beauty in all of this is that if you are affected, you’re on your way to something powerfully new.  Right after the peak of the Pluto Uranus Square, on April 28th, 2014, a powerful Solar Eclipse will light up our lives and set many of us on new paths.  A Solar Eclipse ignites awareness and brings new cycles to the forefront.  This “take five” in the Zodiac may make us have to take that leap of faith but know that if you have to jump, you have the ability to land somewhere where you’ll be a part of a brand new and ultimately better beginning.