The September 13, 2019 Full Moon in Pisces Stirs Up a Little Magic … Mixed With a Dose of Practicality

Something is bound to get a little surreal, fuzzy or distorted with this month’s full moon. It’ll be in full effect on Friday, the 13th which in my mind adds a little extra something special to the events that want to unfold. With the moon highlighting the mystical, magical and intuitive sign of Pisces all sorts of possibilities are going to be in the air.

Neptune, Pisces ruler, will be adding some confusion and a push to swim off into la la land. This is a great Full Moon to plan for an escape into somewhere out of this world ….

But with a TON of planetary energy operating in the practical sign of Virgo that may not be the case. A balancing act will be looking to come into play between the sign of the mystic and it’s practical polar opposite. We’ve also got BOTH Venus and Mercury, operating in my MAGIC 29, meaning turning points galore are coming to the surface.

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