Stampa - Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Sept 16

The Myth of the Mermaid Will Come to Life with the Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

On September 16th, another light bulb into our awareness will be turned on. The second part of our eclipse stories will come into effect. This time a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will take place in the sign of Pisces and create a new twist in our destinies.

Matters will now have to come to a final turning point.

The Solar Eclipse, or new beginning, we experienced at the beginning of the month was only part of the story. This Lunar Eclipse, or powerful Full Moon, will bring an ending or completion point. It’s time to take our matters at hand to a whole new level.

In this part of the story, we will see and feel a balancing act taking place in some facet of our lives. The polar opposite signs of Pisces (where the Moon will be) and Virgo (where the Sun will be) will dominate the scene and tug at each other.

Expect a head (Virgo) over heart (Pisces) matter to surface as we see our way through this emotional terrain. Love and logic will be swirling around our minds.

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