The Pisces February New Moon Offers an Opportunity to Tune into Something Magical

On February 23rd, necessity surfaces to be a little like Pisces and swim away or escape …. even if it’s just for a little bit. Like the waves of the ocean, many of us are going through a lot of ups and downs. Given the emotional terrain (which includes a Mercury Retrograde), this is a perfect moment to step away, find a way to get enchanted with something “not so ordinary” and take a little breather. With the sign of Pisces illuminating the zodiac, an opportunity to get in touch with a little “step away” time comes along.

This Pisces February New Moon is set to showcase the sign of the ultimate escape artist in more ways than one.

It might require some of us to find a way to “swim away” which can equate to many different activities depending on how you want to look at it. Of course the best possible option would be to literally take a day at the beach (a Pisces favorite). Given that is probably not possible for most of us – we can explore other feasible options that can be incorporated into a normal work day. Whether we take a yoga lunch break or tuck away into our own personal kind of enchantment, a need to step out of our normal reality comes into play.

Some of us may get in tune with the magic of Pisces and feel an overwhelming capacity for inspiration or BIG LOVE.

There could be an overwhelming desire to help someone in need or give back in some kind of way. If you sense a call to go after something, creative or different seek it out. With a Mercury Retrograde in play, see if there is something to go back to (with some reinvention!). Give things of the past a new try – you may find benefits coming out of them this time. Positive possibilities of the magic of this sign are looking to surface. This is especially the case with Mars now operating in one of his best placements, Capricorn. Uranus will be adding his own “surprise” element to what’s in store …. in a good way!

Whether you decide to partake in the magic with others or tuck away and dive deep into doing something spiritual, a special dose of soul rejuvenation and love is coming onto the scene.  Pisces, after all, is the sign of the highest form of love — the kind that doesn’t judge and has the purest of hearts.

Learn more about the astrology behind the Pisces February New Moon and what area in your astrology is activated. Also get more of the story with Crystal’s Member Only Full Moon video and learning visuals.

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