Pisces August 2020 Horoscope

Catching a Little Fun While Keeping Busy

There is no doubt its been emotional out there! The good news, my Pisces friend, is that the planetary tides will begin to turn. A new kind of energy is about to take over the scene and it’s going to liven things up …. in a fun way vs. an emotionally draining one. While emotions have run high and adjustments proven necessary—much is now behind you. It’s time to focus on some new projects and keep busy. You will have much to do. This is a great time o begin implementing new routines, but I also think you’re going to find a little more play time. If you see an opportunity to swim away, take it!  Every Pisces needs a little escape time. Despite your responsibilities, the energies at hand want you to find a little time to have some fun. Perhaps you end up spending some extra time with your children or a child. However it plays out for you personally, Venus is going to be enticing your inner child to come out.

The drab part of August is that there will be a lot of attention on your house of work, daily environment, health and routines. This could begin enticing new living or working developments to come into place. Despite all the hardships, the universe is moving us forward. Something new beginning to manifest.

Mars is also catching additional speed in your house of money and resources. You’re either making money and or spending it just as quickly. Watch for new initiatives with money making possibilities. Once Mars goes retrograde next month, the windows of initiation begin to close till mid-November.

New relationship dynamics, and perhaps an important/long lasting relationship, also begins to develop at the end of the month. With a TON of energy emphasizing your house of relationships during the last 2 weeks of August, partnerships will be looking to be made. Some magical sprinkles also get delivered to your door late in the month. Another opportunity to lesson the harsher realities finds you. Take it if you can, but be aware that the clock always does eventually strike midnight!

August’s Most Important Turning Points for Your Sign
 *For greater detail scroll down for extra insight and videos into the moon’s phases and monthly Hot Spot Dates

On August 3 an Aquarius Full Moon creates a major focus on hidden themes. This is an intense Full Moon Story that may require you to lending your caring Pisces hand to help another. More details and links to video below…

Mercury finally makes a sign change (leaving the emotional terrain of Cancer) on August 4.  It’s time for some added attention (communications wise) in the same area the Sun is influencing – your house of work, routines & daily living/working environment. I’d expect to get busier in the coming weeks, as a result! Mars will also be putting some pressure on Jupiter at the same time, possibly creating some luck, strength and courage to keep forging ahead.

On August 7, Venus also makes an important sign change (something she hasn’t done since April!) It’s time for your house of children, romance, fun & creativity to start getting the planet of love’s attention, as she travels through the sign of cozy Cancer. Her influence will be in play for most of the month and be great for tapping into things that make you happy or feed for self-expression. Themes centering around romance and children could also develop. The only caveat is that later in the month (beginning on Aug 25), she’ll go up against your ruling Jupiter, Pluto & ultimately Saturn (in early September). Ouch! Check out my Hot Spot Dates below for the ins & outs.

Watch for important insights & turning points on Aug 11, with a Quarter Moon. The Moon, in Taurus, will be asking us to find some grounding & stabilization.

On August 15, Uranus (the planet that likes to SHAKE things UP) stations retrograde in the sign of Taurus. Some unexpected encounters have the potential to find all of us. Watch for insights into themes pertaining to your house of communications, siblings & neighbors. Click here for more detailed info surrounding the Uranus in Taurus transit.

August 17 marks a Sun + Mercury collision creating new information and insight in your house of work, routines & living. Some important discoveries or insights may await.

One of my favorite New Moons of 2020 takes place on August 18.  Aim high with this loud, proud & courageous renewal New Moon. Set your intentions and expect extra attention into this month’s highly active themes involving a new work project, working/living environment, a pet or potentially your health. More details and video below …

Serious plans are looking to be made and details looking to be uncovered as the sign of Virgo begins to hit the scene! On August 19, communicator Mercury enters this sign and then the Sun follows on August 22. This will start putting new attention into themes surrounding your relationships.

Expect a high energy day on August 25, with a Quarter Moon and Mercury getting some electric shocks from Uranus. An opportunity to think outside the box will surround you. Be ready to roll with the unexpected and shoot for the stars. Venus will also come into some opposition with Jupiter, creating temptations that aren’t necessarily based in reality. Think big, but make sure to be realistic in all the places you decide to swim off into.

Some magic sprinkles come onto the scene on August 27, with your ruling & mystical Neptune forming a magical trine with Venus. A silver lining may surface on the hard reality of situations.

The power of positive thinking arrives on August 29, with Mercury operating favorably with opportunist and future oriented Jupiter. Something favorable has the potential to be delivered, from the winged messenger.

Watch for intensity as the month of August closes out. On August 30, Venus (operating in your house of children, joy, romance & creativity) will come head to head with powerhouse Pluto in an opposition. This may create tension, as well as disconnects in your needs vs. those of others.

**Special Note: Mars goes retrograde next month, beginning on September 9 …. get all the details below and know what to expect!

Themes involving this mysterious and secretive part of your astrology come into play with this month’s Full Moon. This is the realm where things are hidden, undercover or playing out behind the scenes. Secrets are also found here.  Some new information or even a surprise could come to the surface and be revealed. You might also end up feeling the effects on an inner plane and it could be a time for revelations about the past.

A work matter – perhaps one involving co-workers may also come into focus. It’s possible that you experience a major “AHA” moment and go through a time of real subconscious breakthrough.  Additionally, you could begin to understand yourself on a deeper level and really discover your inner motivations.

Be careful, however, not to muster too deeply into your psyche.  Exploring this hidden zone of our astrology charts can sometimes lead to negative feelings rather than positive ones and I don’t want you to put yourself through that.  While discovering hidden truths is beneficial, this is not the time to probe too deeply or you risk darker emotions surfacing.  Self-sabotage is what you want to avoid at this time.

Work, what you want to do for work or your daily routine could also be a matter of focus as well as decision. If any uncertainty has been surrounding what you do for work, co-workers or health issues – something new has the potential to be revealed. Try not to make any complete judgements until you discover what this Full Moon delivers.

This month’s New Moon activates the area of your astrology connected to your routines and every-day life. This could begin something of a different nature on the work front or daily environment.

Something involving a co-worker or a new project on the work front could result out of this New Moon. If there’s something that you’ve been aiming to do in regards to your health, habits, living or working environment – this is the time to set intentions for what you want in these areas. Additionally, you might just be ready to take on a new pet or begin something new in regards to one that you already own.

New routines and things you do everyday are open for a reboot. At the very least, this New Moon could add something new to your “every-day” mix.


Given that we all have many sign’s influences running through us, it’s always important to look at the whole range of planetary aspects taking place. Our personal astrology charts usually contain the influences of many signs. For you personally Pisces, it’s important to make special note of what Neptune (your ruling planet) is up to.