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Crystal B. is the predictive astrologist and astrotherapist behind Crystal B. Astrology. She has been around astrology all her life since her father is also an astrologer. Her office is based in Montclair, NJ but she connects with people all over the world. She offers private readings, astrology classes and custom workshops and events. Her insights and astrological articles are published all over the internet.

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If you’re looking for a PREDICTIVE astrologer & someone who can communicate your planetary message in an easy and clear manner than I’m your girl. My special astrological cocktail is like no other. Come on in and check out all the Crystal B. possibilities.

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Crystal offers both LIVE and ONLINE Astrology Events & Workshops. Find out what her current happenings are and how to work with her if you're looking to incorporate Astrology in your next gathering.

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Tap into astrological power like no other. Crystal's Horoscope Membership allows you to work with a predictive, professional Astrologer to gain cosmic wisdom, important dates, monthly insight, long term cyclical insight and so much more!

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Whether your know a lot or a little, let Crystal be your astrology mentor. Discover how to use the planets as a tool of understanding and appreciation of who you are. Access understanding, astro therapy plus secret predictory techniques. Learn more about incorporating astrology into your life--Crystal B. style!

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