Opposites Attract: Sign Opposites

Opposites Attract Has Been a Saying Spoken for Ages

It’s true though and we can see it in action astrologically.  Your perfect match is actually the person with the sign opposite your Rising Sign. This handy list shows the sign opposites for easy reference. Take a look at both your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign to see which signs you need in your life to help compliment your strengths and make up for your weaknesses.

During the year, we also see the tug of war the sign opposites can play in our lives. Each month, at the Full Moon stage, the Sun and Moon (in opposite signs) play a tug of war with each other. A balancing act ensues in our lives as a result. Make sure to read your monthly horoscope, in particular, the Full Moon articles, to get better in tune with the sign opposites and how they are affecting you personally.

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