On the Brink with the April Full Moon: April 19 2019

Full Moon Art by Jennifer Henriksen

The April Full Moon in the Critical 29th Degree of Libra Brings Us to the Edge of our Seats

On April 19, 2019 the moon will be ripe in the last degree of Libra creating a new opportunity to take our situations to the next level. This is the second full moon in Libra in a row, meaning whatever we weren’t able to close out last month has the potential to get there now. Thankfully, lucky Jupiter, now in his retrograde period, will be cheering us on as we trek ahead through this high energy time.

There is intensity in this story, however, of the greatest kind. The moon will be pressurized by heavy influences, creating pressure + emotions and a great necessity to take care of business. A “wild card” influence is also bound to show up with Uranus, the planet of chaos and awakenings, also making a major play. The universe is going to be testing us to face up to things head on and take charge of the Libra message.

Here’s an excerpt from Crystal B’s April Full Moon Article

April’s 29th degree Full Moon Delivers A “Do Or Die” Moment

Another major turning point surrounds us and this one wants us to close something out—for good. On April 19, 2019, the second of two Full Moons in Libra will light up the night sky. It takes place in what I refer to as my magic 29 —a very important critical degree that means business. The scales of the universe will be trying to find their balance once again and enticing us to do the same. 

The 29th degree is the last degree of a sign and when a Full Moon (a time of endings + completion) takes place in it there is an even stronger necessity to put something to rest.  There is also a transformational piece to this Full Moon because of its close proximity to the sign of Scorpio (the sign that follows Libra). In true Scorpio form, something may need to be burned down in order to rise back up. 

Saturn & Pluto Awareness

This will be one of the most important Full Moons of the year not only because it will be creating a necessity to act — but because of Saturn and Pluto’s involvement. This Full Moon will mark the point where Saturn and Pluto will be at their closest proximity of 2019. Given their retrogrades (which will begin days after this Full Moon) they will start to move further away from each other until September (when they will resume their forward motion once again). At that point of the year, they will get closer and closer to meeting back up which will be exact in January 2020.

Their meet up is BIG.

Astrologers have been talking about it for a long while because what happens as a result of it will change our world forever. Break downs, break throughs,  inventions, new portals of thinking and all things revolutionary are wrapped up in this important planetary combination.  It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.

I want to make a big note of it here because this is YOUR MOMENT to understand where your break through is taking place. You may need to make a decision or deal with an extreme situation as a result of Saturn & Pluto’s involvement in your astrology. Or perhaps you don’t — maybe you will be one of the people on the sidelines helping someone else through. 

No matter what our personal situations, everyone will be effected in some way, shape or form. It’s better to be aware of it and create the foundation you need to rise up and rebuild in the strongest way possible…..

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