Super Moon of 2015 - New Sight Moon by Whimsyinme

New Sight Moon by Whimsyinme

The last Supermoon of 2015 is in motion and it will be the third of three Super Full Moons in a row.

On October 27th, 2015, the supercharged October Full Moon will light up the dark sky. It’ll create a surge of energy and instill a ton of awareness at the same time. Supermoons are attention grabbers – but this one might carry a little extra emotional flavor given the combinations happening along side it.

I personally have been noticing this particular moon and wondering what it’ll end up delivering. It’s been slowly growing bigger and brighter trying to grab my attention earlier than usual. If you don’t believe me, look up at the sky tonight and you’ll see what I’m talking about 😉

Once we get to the 27th, I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous. My fingers are crossed that it’ll be a clear night so I can see her in her glory. The bigger question, however, isn’t whether or not we’ll see her. It’s what kind of message she’ll deliver in the process.

Many of us will feel this super charged full moon powerfully. Chiron will be making a big statement and he’s no joke when it comes to emotionally charged energy. While he’s not a planet, he’s an important factor in how we feel—because of what he represents. Chiron is the wounded healer. He’s a major force behind all the things that have deeply hurt us in the past and the wounds we carry as a result.

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We all have demons of some kind. Some of us are aware of them and others repress them. This full moon might end up pushing some of our old nemeses to resurface in some shape or form. If you’ve been having anxious thoughts or fears pop up more than usual, Chiron’s operation may be to blame. He’s in a problematic combination at the moment that could be causing some of us to fret.

His MO isn’t a bad thing – just something necessary in order to move past the PAST and come to terms with where you are NOW.

That’s where the healing side to Chiron comes in – because he’s not a force that’s out to get us. He’s a catalyst to help us rise above our hurts and become stronger as a result.

The Moon will be operating in Taurus which will give us a craving for stability and comfort. That side will want to stay safe and keep the cozy blankets on. Taurus wants nothing to do with fears and repressive thoughts. He wants to lounge out and feel good.

However, the moon will be pulled by the Scorpio Sun who may test us into having to step outside our safe zone. Scorpio likes to play with things that we suppress … like fear and desire. This is the sign that’s not scare of the dark. It actually craves it.

Anytime Scorpio comes into play, things tend to get revealed. Secrets, things we’ve been neglecting to see and issues that we’re in denial about suddenly come to the surface. A veil gets lifted and the mask suddenly comes off.

I feel like this final Super Moon of 2015 is a wake up call of some sort. A push or nudge into a new direction potentially. It’ll be important to be aware of whatever ends up being revealed to you around this time. I don’t think it’s an energy to fear – but one to be very aware of. If you feel fears resurfacing, this is the time to calm them down. Sometimes we’re our worst enemies and things end up becoming much worse in our minds than they are in reality.

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