October 2022 Horoscopes and Astrology

The month ahead delivers an immense amount of energy pushing all things, for better and for worse, forward. It’s going to be a race against the clock with too much to do and not enough time. Mercury’s station direct in early October sets the dominos in motion and from there it’ll be non-stop with Pluto and then Saturn also turning direct. Get ready to be busy and for lots of events to unfold!

But don’t be fooled, as the clock will eventually strike midnight. At the very tail end of the month Mars will slip into his retrograde putting the brakes on a lot of things. Being aware of this will help re-frame your mind for how to use this down period to your advantage.With the sign of Libra coming deeper into the forefront we’re all getting a universal push into learning how to even out our personal scales. Relationships and our ability to connect with others will also become more visible. Our ability (or lack of) to communicate will be coming in strong. The connecting vibe of Libra will help us see how we’re really working with others.

Libra’s influence will entice us to think and eventually communicate our thoughts with others. As a result, we’re going to get some opportunities to talk things out. All Libra wants is for everyone to get along. Her energy in the weeks ahead will help us discover just how to do that. It’s time to tap into the Libra vibe of harmony, peace and collaboration as we trek forward.  

Later in October, Scorpio Season begins and we’ll be pulled into the depths of inner understanding and transformation. Eclipse Season also starts to unfold beginning with a transformative Scorpio Solar Eclipse. Important doors are now beginning to open, while important closures will need to take place alongside. Jupiter also back tracks into Pisces creating another important twist and wrap up of the current twelve year cycle.

The Saturn Uranus square is also back in full throttle in October. The fixed signs in particular (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) will continue to feel the angst and irritation of this combination. Despite forward momentum, a sense of being stuck is still around. The planets of structure (Saturn) and change (Uranus) are forcing us to consider and likely act upon taking a new direction. A push to reinvent ourselves in a completely new kind of way continues to circle around us. No matter how uncomfortable, we are going to have to no choice but embrace change. We’re all getting ready for something entirely new ….but there’s still a few more discoveries that need to take place before beginning entirely anew.

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