October 2020 Astrology Overview with Crystal B.

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October 2020 Horoscopes and Astrology 

Lots in store for us all as we look out into the horizon of the next! The energy of Libra and its themes surrounding peace, equality, beauty and balance will be asking to come into our lives. This is a time to connect to others, in addition to yourself as you seek out a new kind of inner balance. 

October begins and ends with a full moon—something that doesn’t always happen. A Halloween “Blue” Full Moon will no doubt bring an out-of-the-ordinary holiday and close to the end of the month! Sandwiched in between the high lunar activity will be another important planetary move direct (Pluto stations direct Oct 4), the last Mercury Retrograde of 2020 and some very important (and opportunistic) Venus moves. There is a lot in play and there is no doubt that this is a month to have your “plan b’s” ready. Despite Mars still moving backwards and Mercury heading into the same arena, 3 MAJOR planetary players are going to be gaining speed. That means that we are going to start getting closer to our next big destinations. Just be ready to make some pitstops along the way!

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Some of October’s Major Planetary Hot Spots

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