October 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology 

Hello October! There’s lots to take in with this month’s planetary energies as we immerse deeper into Libra Season. It’s action packed with continued momentum forward and lots of networking opportunities. ‘Tis the season to get out there and connect to others!

Pluto, the planet of power, makes his station direct (after a 5 month retrograde) in the very beginning of the month really. This very important turns the wheels of where our destinies need to go next.

October features a really great pioneering Aries Full Moon which I’m very excited about. I really like this Full Moon a lot … it’s got a sweet Jupiter spot that is bound to deliver something special.

The end of the month delivers an intense Scorpio New Moon, along with a few tricks! Mercury begins his final retrograde on Halloween, October 31st which means wrap up your projects before all the ghosts and goblins come to town 😉

Watch my  “Welcome to October” video to get a little more insight into what’s in store!

October 2019 Astrology Forecast

https://www.crystalbastrology.com Welcome to the October 2019 Astrology! Find out more about what the month ahead has in store with Crystal B. Visit the full...


October Horoscope Hot Spots

Pluto Direct (Oct 2-3rd), Mercury enter Scorpio  + Mars enter Libra (Oct 3rd), Venus enter Scorpio (Oct 8th), Aries Full Moon (Oct 13th), Sun enters Scorpio (Oct 23rd), Scorpio New Moon (Oct 27th), Mercury Stations Retrograde in Scorpio (Oct 31st)

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