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The October 2018 Horoscopes and Astrology showcase the importance of balance in ourselves & our relationships

With Libra, the ultimate sign of partnerships, coming into full focus a new desire comes over us to connect.  New initiatives will also be in store because Libra is one of the action takers of the zodiac.

We’re going to see a new need for balance surrounding us in the weeks ahead. New developments, in our relationships & value systems, will also be coming along for the October ride. With Venus heading into her rare retrograde, it’s time to start seeing a new facet of the things and people we value most.  This is going to become most apparent during the New and Full Moon phases of the month.

Important decisions are in the making— and a flavor of the past could start seeping into our lives for some reason or another.

The nice thing about the Libra Season is it’s peaceful, charming and diplomatic approach. While not all of us were born with this sign’s natural finesse, a new opportunity begins to surround our style.  Libra wants to play nice so something in the background will be reminding us to do just that. If you need help in finding solutions in the weeks ahead – do what Libra does and check in with a friend.

Connections are about to become very important – so don’t discount the necessity to have them and continue making new ones.  Just remember to take care of yourself and your own needs through the process.

October 2018 Horoscope Hot Spots

Venus Retrograde (Oct 5th), Libra New Moon (Oct 8th), Sun enters Scorpio (Oct 23rd) & Taurus Full Moon (Oct 24th)

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