The October Libra Cazimi New Moon delivers an exciting & highly unpredictable roller coaster moment

Given all the Libra energy in the air, we’ll want to make sure and take a friend along for the ride. Libra, after all, is the sign that thinks two is better than one. The truth of the matter is that Libra loves to have a friend and someone right next. With her voice so strong at the time of this October New Moon, we’ll be pushed to coexist like never before. In all honesty, Libra wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only October 2017 New Moon in Libra Article “Coexist”:

When conflict arises, Libra wants to work as a team and come to a happy place TOGETHER.

It’s the sign that gives us the ability to integrate the “me” and “we” of relationships. Libra pushes us to try to find balance with others viewpoints and our own. This is the sign that raises their hand to say, “Let’s find a way to work it out.” And work it out we must.

But sometimes we have to go outside the box and do things a little differently.

I guarantee this new moon will push some of us to do just that. Uranus, the planet that likes to take a different approach, will be a big part of this new moon story. His influence will push us to step outside the norm when it comes to whatever our coexistence is. We can use him to our advantage if we play things right.

Uranus wants us to get in touch with a break free moment of some kind.

Those of us that have fallen into the Libra shadows can use him to their advantage. The potential to release ourselves from indecisiveness and people pleasing will be available if want to break away from them.

To be honest, this is a great time to be honest about how we coexist with others. Is it for their benefit or ours? There will be opportunity for a great portal of awareness to open up. The energy of Uranus is great for seeing things in a new perspective. The drawback is his ‘shock and awe’ approach. Some of us will be buzzing around this time because of that energy. It’s probable we’ll see others getting down right risky. Their behavior might even take us by surprise.

Tricks might come out faster than we know how to deal. This October New Moon is one with a ‘highly unpredictable’ nature.

As we trek along the path of partnership and coexistence make sure to remember a key Libra point. Our beliefs don’t make us a better person—our behavior does. Thankfully, Uranus will be operating in a very special Grand Fire Trine (aka: opportunity) with Saturn (the planet of hard work & perseverance) and the North Node (karma/destiny).

As a result, we have the potential to channel the chaos & disruption into something beneficial.

Lucky Jupiter, now in Scorpio, will be dancing very close to this roller coaster New Moon. That’s a good thing in the relationship/compromise/let’s get along department. With all the building Scorpio energy, we’re moving into a time where it’ll be important to understand each other’s motivations and desires. Scorpio is pushing us to go deep!

The Scorpio energy will help deliver an opportunity alongside this push to coexist. Maybe there is a dangling carrot out there enticing us to just shut up and do it.

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Mercury, the planet of insight & communications, will also be in on the ride. He’ll be working closely with Jupiter helping us get to the bottom of things. A desire to have a truly honest conversation may come over us. That kind of energy could help us figure things out and find an even better type of coexistence or togetherness.

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