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The October 2017 Full Moon in Aries is Fierce

Energy is building in more ways than one and this Full Moon marks a big turning point. If you’ve been feeling a stir read on to discover more about the deeper meaning behind this very powerful balancing act in play.

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only October 2017 Full Moon Article “Come on Baby Light My Fire”:

The October Full Moon comes onto the scene with an energy surge that has the potential to light us up in more ways than one.

With the Moon blazing hot in fire sign Aries, we can expect action, initiation and important decisions. The focus will be on relationships — especially with sexy Mars and va-va-vom Venus making their own special kind of statement. With the two of them dancing ever so closely, a hot romance could be in the works for a few of us.There are quite a few other ways into how this firey energy will decide to play out.  If you’ve been feeling down or on the fence about what to do next, this full moon promises to be the perfect pick-me-up. Our drive to do something and get out of a rut will be red hot. I know some of you out there like the sound of that! However, the need to act will require some care—especially when it comes to interacting with others.

At the end of the day, this is a Full Moon that pushes us to get in touch with some BALANCE. Balance between the you and me in some facet of our lives.

In my mind, this is a full moon that looks similar to an action-packed thriller. If you’re looking for something to happen then be sure to tune in. An important crossroads of the year will likely come out of this story. If you’re not ready for action … then make sure to step aside because someone is about to get run over.

Before I start to pass around the popcorn and tell you to get comfy on the couch, I’ve got to let you in on a few of the opening credits. The honest truth is that the characters (aka: planets) will be making things a tad difficult for relaxation. They will be fidgety, ramped up and dare I say angry.

As a result of all that, an important but rather tricky balancing act will be pushing us to the edge of our seats. Get ready to be on your toes!

Some of us will get revved up by all the action – while others will want to tune out and switch movie genres. Chick flick anyone?

Now the planets can be complicated – I totally get it. There are a lot them and when we throw the signs into the mix it can make even really smart people’s heads spin! So rather than give you some fancy astro-jargon gobble gook, I want to take the simple approach when I explain what’s happening here.

In this case, a balancing act will take place between Aries (the sign the Moon is in) and Libra (the sign the Sun is in).

Given that these two are pretty powerful (aka: Cardinal signs), I expect action. Both Aries and Libra push to get things done. They take a totally different approach but each of them makes things happen.

Think of a scale that teeters up and down depending on what side is heavier. In this story we are the scale. We’re teetering and trying to find a balance. One side of the scale holds want we want to do (Aries) while the other has what somebody else wants (Libra). It’s a simple picture with a complicated reality because integrating our needs with someone else’s is pretty darn tricky. Heck, if you were sitting down next to me I would be honest and just say that it can be downright brutal for some.

Relationships are complicated – I get it.

But we need relationships to exist. It doesn’t matter how great we are on our own. We all need interaction in some shape or form.

The good news is that there is always a way through the relationship maze—and it begins with the desire to be bold and pioneering. That’s what the Aries side is all about – jumping in feet first to DO SOMETHING despite the consequences. This is the side that’s going to be giving us courage. If you are in need of any of that – look no further.

Sometimes life makes it necessary for us to tap into the Aries energy and be bold. Relationships, along with the way we handle them, need to evolve with time. They just can’t stay the same year in and year out. Sometimes a push needs to happen in order to help facilitate change.

Other times we need to take the opposite approach. Libra, Aries polar opposite, shows us that we can maneuver through the maze in a gentler kind of way. Libra takes his partner by the handy and whispers, “let’s discuss which way to go and decide what’s best for both of us.” It’s a special voice and one that really cares about the outcome.

That’s what this full moon is about—balancing two different energies (ME vs. WE) in order to make a decision about US.

It will reveal whether we want to A.) take things to a new level or B.) let them go completely. Full moons like completion and turning points – something has to give.

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Art Credit: A big shout out to Jennifer Henrikson Photography, who is my personal favorite Full Moon photographer and an Aries! Check out her other great works in her Etsy Shop


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