The October 2017 Astrology is All About Balance

With Libra coming into the forefront we’re all going to get a universal push into finding out how to even out our personal scales. Relationships and our ability to connect with others is also going to more visible than usual. Our ability (or lack of) to communicate will be coming in strong. The connectivity vibe of Libra will be helping us see how we’re really working with others.

Libra’s influence will be enticing us to think and eventually communicate our thoughts with others. As a result, we’re going to get some opportunities to talk things out. All Libra wants is for everyone to get along. Her energy in the weeks ahead will be helping us discover just how to do that. It’s time to tap into the Libra vibe of harmony, peace and collaboration as we trek forward.  

Most importantly, the month of October welcomes a very important planetary shift that many of us will benefit from in the next year. The lucky Jupiter, will be make his annual sign change and begin travelling through the sign of Scorpio. Our universal luck factor is about to take on a totally new kind of meaning and begin effecting us in brand new ways. New discoveries and opportunities are awaiting us as a result.  Jupiter in Scorpio here we come!

So without further ado, lets dive in and see what is on the planetary menu in the month ahead! Make a special note of the hot spot dates and for more personalized information, become a Member. Access the below links for your sign’s personalized October Horoscope which include full details surrounding October’s Full Moon in Aries (“Come on Baby Light my Fire”) & New Moon in Libra (“Coexist”).

What's on the planetary menu

The October 2017 Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Mars Pluto Trine (Oct 1), Venus Pluto Trine (Oct 3), Full Moon in Aries (Oct 5), Venus Mars Conjunction (Oct 5), Jupiter Enters Scorpio (Oct 10), Mars Saturn Square (Oct 11), Cazimi Libra New Moon (Oct 19), Sun Enters Scorpio (Oct 22) & Jupiter Sun Conjunction (Oct 26)


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Full Moon

OCTOBER 1st-8th

The month of October kicks off on a pretty high note with power planets Mars and Pluto coming together in a very beneficial trine on October 1st. This puts us in a great place to get productive and tackle our biggest jobs. Their influence, along with some other hot spot planetary happenings, gets us ready for the very impactful Aries Full Moon taking place on October 5th. This hot Harvest Moon promises to light us up in more ways than one — especially with a SEXY Venus Mars conjunction happening right along side.

Despite the connectivity possibility of this month’s full moon, there are some major caveats to be aware of. Relationships will be feeling the heat, particularly on October 8th when sweet little Venus gets caught up in a rough argument with Saturn.

Members Only: Find out all of the hidden details behind this week’s Hot Spot Dates & discover the deeper meaning behind the October Full Moon in the Member Only October Full Moon Article: Come on Baby Light My Fire”. Access your personal effects & themes, tips into using the energy to your advantage and Sabian Symbol Oracle insight. 

OCTOBER 9th-15th

Change is in the air but there will be some setbacks and potential power struggles as we adjust into it. With Mercury, Mars, Pluto and Saturn all roughing each other up we can expect some discord. Above it all, what needs to remain in the forefront of our minds is the lucky planet Jupiter’s sign change into Scorpio on October 10th. Jupiter’s sign change is a very BIG moment in the zodiac — especially since it only happens once a year. Most importantly it will begin to take each of us on a new 12 year cycle emphasizing a certain area of our lives.

With Scorpio coming into the limelight in such a profound way, it’s time to start taking a deeper look into the mysteries of the world. Read more about Jupiter in Scorpio in this recent blog post.

Members Only: Find out more about the lucky Jupiter’s travels through Scorpio and where it will take you in the coming year in the Member Only Jupiter in Scorpio Effect on Each Sign 

OCTOBER 16th-22nd

A big week ahead with three sign changes and a Libra Cazimi New Moon! Mercury begins the shifts of change, on October 17th, as he dives deep into the depths of Scorpio. That helps to prepare us for another monthly highlight—the October New Moon in Libra taking place October 19th. Then on October 22nd both the Sun and Mars move into another sign change. The Sun now enters the depths of Scorpio while action driven Mars transitions into peaceful Libra. It’s a lot happening in just a few short days and the emphasis will be on relationships in many ways.

Members Only: Read the Member Only October New Moon article titled, “Coexist.” Find out why this New Moon is so important for relationships and how you can use it to your advantage. Gain tips, special oracle insight and find out what area of your life gets a relationship reboot as a result. 

OCTOBER 23rd-29th

The most exciting thing of the week comes from Jupiter annual meet & greet with the Sun on October 26th. Given that Jupiter is the luckiest planet of them all, some of us are going to catch some opportunity or at the very least a pretty good day. More intense energy will follow on October 27th as lover girl Venus moves into a stressful square with Pluto. Feelings will likely get extreme and it’ll be important to be aware of the undercurrents of what is in motion.

Members Only: Find out more of the astro details surrounding these exciting and stimulating Hot Spot Dates — and whether or not your sign has the potential to feel the feel the effects.  Most importantly, find out what are of your life might get a ‘lucky pop’  from Jupiter’s Annual Meet Up with the Sun in the: Member Only Jupiter in Scorpio Effect on Each Sign 

OCTOBER 30th-31st

Happy Halloween Astro Peeps! Thankfully the spookiest holiday of the year should prove to be rather calm from a planetary perspective. A mystical Pisces Moon will help enchant the night and bring us closer to the magic of all the ghost, goblins & witches in sight. For some fun Halloween insight check out: Using Our Personal Astrology to Pick a Halloween Costume


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