Peace Sign by True Spirit Art

Peace Sign by True Spirit Art

The October 2016 Astrology is all about Peace, Love & some planetary Rock ‘n Roll.

It arrives with an abundant and auspicious Libra New Moon. After the intensity of September, this universal breather is well deserved. October is the perfect time to get into the Libra vibe of harmony, peace and collaboration as we trek ahead.  Plus, the lucky Jupiter, who’s currently travelling through all this Libra goodness, will be giving us some high-fives along the way.

Other things to think about as we look out … We’re heading back into SuperMoon season which means there will be more twists and turns. Action packed Mars will also be making some bold statements as he heads into some trouble with Pluto and Uranus. The good news is that we’re moving into a terrain where people are going to be more apt to work out their problems. Something is kicking up in the air to help us try harder to get along and find better solutions.

So without further ado, lets dive in and see what is on the planetary menu in the month ahead! PS. Links to every sign’s personalized horoscope are at the bottom.

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The October Hot Spots Include:

Libra New Moon Kick Off, Aries *Super* Full Moon, a Mars/Pluto/Uranus Situation & A Scorpio New Moon

What's on the planetary menu

OCTOBER 1st-2nd

A Libra New Moon (7°♎)jam packed with lots of Jupiter flair peaks between the last day of September and October 1st. The beginning of the month is a great time to set your intention high and partake in an abundant feel good energy. In order to find out exactly where the lucky rays are shining strong in your astrology, you have to see where Jupiter in Libra is affecting your sign. This Libra Moon has the potential to showcase the spot where your abundance and luck factor is living over the next year.

Member Scopes reveals where and how your month ahead kicks off. 

OCTOBER 3rd-9th

This week, Jupiter (the planet that thinks “BIG”) will be challenging Mars (the action, drive & energy planet). This energy will peak on October 5th and some of us will get caught up in an overwhelming push to DO big things. It’ll be important not to push too hard because the tendency to OVER-do is going to be around big time. Something else to keep in mind is that a bully or STRONG personality might surface on October 7th. Thankfully, Mercury heads into compromising Libra at the same time. The ability to take a balanced approach in order to find a compromise will be available.

Super Full MoonOCTOBER 10th-16th

It’s Super Moon time! This is a week to “expect the unexpected” in addition to some monkey wrenches. Uranus, the wild card planet, will be in his closest position to earth which means he’s going to be making a LOUD statement. Change is once again in the air. Events will peak on October 16th with the Super Full Moon in Aries (23°♈). This is a full moon that will pack a powerful punch! *Side note: This is the first of 3 back to back Super Moons that will close out 2016.

Check out Member Scopes to read the full Super Moon article and all the details surrounding how it will affect you. 

Scorpio October 23 - November 21OCTOBER 17th-23rd

The good news about this week is that relationship driven Venus will enter playful and fun Sagittarius on October 18th. Other than that, this is a time to lay low and keep our eye on the prize because difficult energy is brewing. On the plus, we can use the “hard/forceful” combination of Mars and Pluto in motion for drive and determination to get a job done. BUT the negative side involves road blocks, cruelty and bullying.  The Sun will enter Scorpio on October 22nd, which will help us begin to pierce through the drama and see beneath the surface.  

Find out which signs will be feeling the most heat in Member Horoscopes.

ScorpioOCTOBER 24th-30th

Don’t expect the month of October to close out on a dull note. It’s going to be anything but that! Communications will take a new turn and become razor sharp in tone AND insight. Communication driven Mercury will enter the sign of Scorpio on October 24th and pierce the Sun on October 27th. There is going to be a lot of planetary volatility in play including Mars, Uranus, Venus and Saturn!  As a result, I expect intensity to surface a few days prior to the Scorpio New Moon on October 30th (7°♏)  Watch out! Even though the month will likely close out with some challenge, there might be a WIN or OPPORTUNITY that comes to light amidst the volatility.

Check out the full article in Member scopes to find out all the planetary details behind this Scorpio New Moon and how it’s going to affect you. 

Halloween AstrologyOCTOBER 31st

Have a little Astro fun & use your personal astrology to pick your costume this year. Here’s a fun read written by yours truly
“Using Astrology to Pick A Halloween Costume”Halloween astrology

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