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The October New Moon in Libra is Asking Us to Tap into our Own Scales of Justice & Find Balance — Amidst Very Unbalanced Terrain

When it comes to Libra—it’s all about connectivity and relationships. Libra is the relationship guru. It appreciates and respects the balancing of scales more than any other sign. Libra enjoys making new connections, engaging in conversations and doing it all in a peaceful setting. Finding a little piece of zen is all its about. Given all the Libra energy floating around this October New Moon, we’ll be quite driven to set some new intentions—Libra style. Expect to encounter new needs to engage in partnerships, balance your scales, find your peace and make new connections.

Libra is also very connected to justice and equality. She is the sign that is represented by the scales of justice. With her voice so strong now, we’ll be pushed to coexist and operate with equality. Libra wouldn’t have it any other way.

However….despite the peace-keeper of the Zodiacs best intentions, conflict will be around….

The planetary picture of this Libra New Moon is intense! Nearly every planet is involved in some way, shape or form. Not to mention that Mercury will be newly retrograde at this time—and in an opposition with wild Uranus. Yikes! It’s going to be essential to have some balancing mechanisms to tap into!

On the positive, there are some opportunity factors building in the October New Moon background.

Thank the planets for that! Venus, the ruler of Libra and this October New Moon story, will be working her way towards a trine with Jupiter (and eventually Saturn & Pluto). An advantage will come out of her that simply can’t be denied. Despite her opposition with disillusioning Neptune, her influence will entice us to find ‘something sweet’ amidst the potential chaos looming in the background.

Despite the slow crawl of 2020, what’s meant to happen to each of us is unfolding in exactly the way it needs to. Whether you realize it or not, the universe is a divine and protective force. While there is no doubt that things are getting more intense, they are also leading us closer to our next momentous chapters. Take moments to find your balance as you journey ahead. You will need it and this October New Moon in Libra is saying it’s a MUST in these times of uncertainty.

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