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The November Scorpio New Moon Delivers a Powerful Message of the Possibility of Transformation

Out of all the signs, Scorpio is the one that can transform, regenerate and change from one existence to the other. It’s a much needed energy that comes alongside a power surge of planetary energies. Alongside this transformative November Scorpio New Moon, Mars (the traditional ruler of Scorpio) will be just waking up after a 2+ month slumber. On top of that, Jupiter and Pluto (Scorpio’s modern day ruler) will be forming their 3rd and final conjunction. Just one of these occurrences is BIG – but jumble them all together with a Scorpio New Moon and you’ve got a rare opportunity to breathe new life into anything that has died.

A craving and desire to transform and take things to a radically different level surrounds us.

A rare moment arrives to turn something tattered and worn into something new again. Set your intentions around renewal and believe in the possibilities. This is a very special kind of New Moon with a twist —and maybe something a little magical too. Neptune, the planet of intuition, magic and belief will be an important player helping us believe that something better is indeed possible.

Something else to keep in mind that Scorpio isn’t about the “frills.” It’s about the heart and guts that’s beneath the façade.

Scorpio Moon Art by Jen’s Fine Art

What we saw long ago is not what we see now.

Our world and our relationships have been under a constant pressure for change. Values will come into question with Venus (in Libra) squaring Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn (all in Capricorn). Questions surrounding what’s worth it and what’s not surround us once again. Love matters will be tested to the max. This picture says if you believe in something close to your heart, changes are likely necessary to bring it back to life. If you’re not willing to invest some muscle, it may be time to move on.

Mercury, now direct in the sign of Scorpio will be heading towards a final opposition with Uranus. Communications are still scattered and abrupt. New brilliance has the potential to come into our thoughts — but alongside possible communication chaos.

However it plays out the Scorpio energy will be strong. It’s a catalyst for our deepest growth and force that pushes us to rise back up from every fall we take. Of course, it’s true that part of it will always need to remain a mystery. But there is a side to the dark sign that now needs to be seen. This is the side that needs to be addressed during the November Scorpio New Moon.

No matter what our personal viewpoint of the ‘something new’ ends up being, an intention is being asked to be made in some facet of our lives. In the case of the November Scorpio New Moon our intention needs to be surrounded by the transformative and committed energy of Scorpio. Even though we are not all born under this sign, we do have a small part of it somewhere in our astrology.  This New Moon reveals precisely where it is. We’ll be able to see the results of our seeds planted here by the time the Scorpio Full Moon peaks next year in April 27, 2021.

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