November 2020 Horoscopes and Astrology 

It’s time to embrace one of the most impactful months of 2020! Intensity, forward momentum (for both the good and the challenging) all come forth into the necessary places we are destined to travel next. With the pandemic on the surge once again, the energy of Scorpio will heighten emotions, as well as direct our passions into where we can to rise up next. Things will need to die in order to come back to life in entirely new ways.

Energy will swirling in much more profound ways that normal, particularly with action oriented Mars (in warfare oriented Aries) beginning his wake up.  As he exits his 2 month retrograde, it’s going to be ever so important to direct ourselves with purpose—not power and aggression. The Scorpio energy and Mercury stationing direct in Libra will be trying to remind us to take control not with anger and volatility— but with razor sharp strategic thinking and diplomacy.

It’ll all come to a powerful turning point as we close out November with a powerful Gemini Lunar Eclipse. Lots in store for us all as we look out into the horizon of the next!

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Some of November’s Major Planetary Hot Spots

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