November 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology 

Hello November!

The planets will continue to keep us guessing as we dive deeper into Scorpio season…partnered with a Mercury Retrograde. Keep open-minded this month about where things are going. November is the last month of the lucky Jupiter’s run through Sagittarius (his best placement!) and some opportunistic twists should come out of his final stretch.

We will likely not get all our answers till later in November when Mercury goes direct. Scorpio likes to question and investigate things, which unfortunately takes time. But it also has a pretty good way of getting to the bottom of things—so trust the process. Scorpio is the sign of death but rebirth as well. 

A Taurus Full Moon, rare Mercury transit and opportunistic Sagittarius New Moon are just a few of the Hotspots of the month. Watch my  “Welcome to November” video to get a little more insight into what’s in store!

November 2019 Astrology Forecast Welcome to the November 2019 Astrology! Find out more about what the month ahead has in store with Crystal B. Visit the ful...

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