The November New Moon in Scorpio brings a special kind of hocus pocus onto the scene

It will take place on November 7, 2018 and showcase precisely where we’re really IN IT TO WIN IT. Despite the “fear factors” of all our personal situations rising up a few notches as of late – a new kind of hope is coming onto the scene. 

With Jupiter, the expansive planet, about to the enter the sign of Sagittarius on the tails of this New Moon—it’s time to start seeing where our possibilities will lead next. Whatever was once lost is now looking to transform into something entirely different. 

Here’s an excerpt from Crystal B’s the November Full Moon Article “Hocus Pocus”in Member Horoscopes…

The November Cazimi New Moon promises to bring a new light to the dark, mysterious, and transformative sign of Scorpio

It’s got a special kind of New Moon twist and maybe something a little magical too. While the sign of Scorpio is often misunderstood—it’s got a rare form of hocus pocus that can enchant in a good way. In my mind, Scorpio is the magic behind Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother’s wand. If anything can change a pumpkin into a carriage or a girl torn in rags into a princess — it’s Scorpio.

Out of all the signs, Scorpio is the one that can transform, regenerate and change from one existence to the other.

It’s the catalyst behind our deepest growth and force that pushes us to rise back up from every fall we take. Of course, it’s true that part of it will always need to remain a mystery. But there is a side to the dark sign that needs to be seen. This is the side that is going to dazzle during November’s New Moon.

A craving and desire to transform and take things to a radically different level will surround us. An opportunity to turn something tattered and worn into something new again will be up for the taking. To showcase precisely what I mean, let’s dive into this New Moon’s background.

I want you to be ‘armed & dangerous’ with the deeper meaning behind this regenerative Scorpio New Moon story.

New Moons occur each month. Each time they do, an important signal arrives to showcase that something new needs to be initiated. Some New Moons arrive onto the scene in a good kind of way (like this one!) —while others take us by surprise and make us want to run for the hills. (*Side note: Last month’s October New Moon was one of the more problematic ones.)

No matter what our personal viewpoint of the ‘something new’ ends up being, an intention is being asked to be made in some facet of our lives. In the case of the November New Moon our intention needs to be surrounded by the transformative and committed energy of Scorpio.

Even though we are not all born under this sign, we do have a small part of it somewhere in our astrology.  This New Moon reveals precisely where it is. It’s actually been an area that’s been under a great deal of scrutiny with the Venus retrograde cycle. Thankfully, this difficult cycle will come to completion about a week after November’s New Moon (November 16th).

Something new wants to bloom in more ways than one.

The November New Moon reveals where it is using the key energy of Scorpio: transformation. A push to breathe new life into whatever has recently died or lost its “verve” now surrounds us. The only caveat is that what is revived is no longer the same as it was. Our intention has to involve bringing something entirely new to life……

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