The November 2018 Horoscopes and Astrology will be enticing us to get in touch with rediscovering the possibilities

With Scorpio, the transformational guru, coming into full focus a new desire begins creeping in to regenerate. Scorpio is a sign that likes to ask lots of questions, make deeper connections and really get to the heart of the matter. As a result, we’re all going to be getting in tune with all of its greatness in order to get to where we go next.

The veil to the other side is also thinnest during this season. Our ability to connect with ourselves on deeper level and get in touch with our inner mystic will be around for the taking. There is no time like the present to dive deep within to get in touch with our heart’s desire.

Some exciting news to look forward to is Jupiter’s entrance into the sign of Sagittarius. The lucky planet’s annual move will take us into a nice stretch of getting more optimistic about our futures. There is no doubt that the world is changing at a fast pace and it’s been overwhelming to many. Jupiter’s move into this upbeat territory promises to get us excited about the “what’s next part.” A new adventure is calling!

November’s New Moon in Scorpio is probably one of the best ones I’ve seen all year – start making your intentions for that little slice of magic. The Gemini Full Moon will keep us on our toes— and remind us to “keep breathing.” All of my USA readers should also know that this month’s full moon takes place during one of our biggest holidays— Thanksgiving. Get ready for some interesting dinner table discussions!

Major shifts are still in motion and a new set of themes will begin to crop up. The Venus Retrograde period will finally end mid month (thank the stars for that!) and the Moon’s Nodes will change (taking us into a new set of eclipse themes for 2019-2020). Signs of new beginnings are going to be coming out strong—but some “let gos” and reassessments will still be in play.

With the last Mercury Retrograde of 2018 beginning on November 16th, it’s going to be best to wrap up new projects by mid November. Another call for reassessment needs to take place once again. Decisions on where and how we want to close out our year are not quite ready to be made. Additional discoveries are waiting to be made and situation need to come to a head. It’s exciting and a little nerve-wracking at the same time.

Retrograde or not …November… here we come!

November 2018 Horoscope Hot Spots

Scorpio New Moon (Nov 7th),Jupiter Enters Sagittarius (Nov 8th), Moon’s Nodes Shift  (Nov 15th) Venus Direct (Nov 16th),  Mercury Retrograde (Nov 16th), Sun enters Sagittarius + Gemini Full Moon (Nov 22nd) & Sun Jupiter Conjunction (Nov 25th)

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