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The November Full Moon in Gemini illuminates a new light into where we go next

It will take place on November 22, 2018 alongside one of the USA’s most important holidays—Thanksgiving. Even though the Moon will be operating in Gemini, the truth seeking sign of Sagittarius will have a lot to say. Something new is about to be uncovered and it’ll be up to us to be open to a different view point to see it. 

With so many planetary twists & turns over the last several months there is no doubt our minds are spinning. A lot of uncertainty is out there into what comes next. This November 2018 Full Moon wants to give us a sign— or at the very least help us discover the truth behind all our possibilities. 

Here’s an excerpt from Crystal B’s the November Full Moon Article “Just Breathe”in Member Horoscopes…

November’s Full Moon will light up the November 22nd night sky and bring a whole new meaning to our attitude of gratitude.

It’ll take place in a critical degree (0 degrees of Gemini) and bring a high energy along for the ride. Important developments and a new twist in our 2018 story is underway—which is getting closer to completion. Interestingly enough this full moon falls on one of the most important holidays in the USA—Thanksgiving. This full moon affair is going to add a whole new facet to the conversations going on around the dinner table!

Given that the Moon will be flavored in Gemini, a sign that likes to talk, we can expect a lot of chatter (and perhaps a little drama) to build around us. Remembering our breath will prove beneficial – especially because Gemini is an air sign. It honors our need for air.

This is a full moon that will remind us to just breathe through all the things coming into focus.

With Jupiter, the planet of expansion and hope, now picking up speed in his new sign of Sagittarius, many of us are going to be in upbeat spirits. The November Full Moon could be a turning point helping you decide WHERE to shoot your arrows of possibility next.

The sign of Sagittarius (Gemini’s polar opposite) will have quite a lot to say at this time.

It’s his season and three planets (the Sun + Jupiter + Mercury) will be having fun in the sign that likes to go BIG. As a result, stories and people’s behaviors might become a little over-exaggerated. We might want to check out the facts before believing everything we hear.

It’ll be important to keep our reactions in check — particularly because Mercury is now in the throws of his retrograde. Someone might say say something they regret later on—or perhaps get a little tongue-tied with what’s really on their mind. We have no control over what others say—only our own reactions.

The November 2018 Full Moon Mantra is to just breathe. Thankfully, Chiron (the wounded healer) will be helping our breath and communications flow. It’ll be better to get straight to the matter at hand – rather than skirt around the tough topics.

An elephant may come into the room….

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