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The November 2017 New Moon in Scorpio Creates Opportunity For a Magical Regeneration

This Cazimi November New Moon takes place on November 18th and delivers the last solid chance of the year to begin something new, powerful and beneficial. There is a distinct opportunity to transform something if we are ready to push up our sleeves and set aside some emotional fears.

If you have been waiting back on the side lines for the perfect moment to get something going – then this is your chance to finally go for it. The cheerleaders that live deep within our subconscious will be cheering us on to do something especially courageous with this moment.

Here’s an excerpt from the November 2017 New Moon Article in Member Horoscopes “Magical Regeneration”:

New Moons occur each month and each time they do, it’s an important signal of initiation. An intention or willingness to do something has to be made in some facet of our lives. In this case, our intention needs to be surrounded by the regenerative and committed energy of Scorpio.

Interestingly enough, Scorpio is the sign giving us the most opportunity in the year ahead with expansive Jupiter riding through it. What we do with this New Moon could be the beginning stages to something important leading into where we go next year.

Even though we are not all born under the sign of Scorpio, we all have a small part of it somewhere in our astrology. This New Moon reveals precisely where that is in each of us.

Now I know many thoughts, often dark ones, come to mind when we think of Scorpio—the star of this auspicious New Moon. However, one of the most prominent words that sticks out in my mind when I think of Scorpio is —regenerative.

Unlike the other signs, Scorpio has a truly magical quality that helps to rebuild and restore what has been lost.

Scorpio grows many protective layers through time and sheds them continually—in order for new ones to take their place. The original symbol of Scorpio is the serpent which is a large snake that has been a very powerful spiritual symbol for ages. The snake is symbolic of renewal and rebirth—and a very powerful omen if seen. It’s a creature that can shed its skin and regrow it many times over. This gives the sign of Scorpio a very special regenerative magic.

On the darker side of things, it’s certainly true that Scorpio is the sign of endings and death. But along with that comes rebirth. For everything that dies needs to be reborn again.

Whatever ends may need to take on a different look and shape when it returns—but it always comes back in some kind of way. This is the case for many of us when we think about our lives on a grand scale. There are several distinct periods in our lifetime, where we need to essentially die in order to come back again.

This regeneration that we all need to fuel our souls is the message of the very special November New Moon in Scorpio.

With the veil of our world and the world of our dead ancestors, family and friends will be quite thin. There is a true potential to reconnect to all those who have passed on and regain connectivity in some way shape or form.

It is quite possible that our spirits of the past will be our cheerleaders during this special time. For anyone who’s lost someone close, we know in our hearts that they are always near. Sometimes their message come through easily while other times it seems like they have forgotten us completely.

But I know from personal experience they will always continually try to come through. And just when we least expect it a sign pops up to say, “Hey … here I am….remember me?”

The November New Moon is about connecting to the key energy of Scorpio: regeneration.

It has the potential to help us breathe new life into whatever has recently died or lost its “verve.” The only caveat is that what is revived is no longer the same as it was. Our intention has to involve bringing something entirely new to life.

Being a water sign, Scorpio deeply connects to feelings and the emotional realm. As a result, some of us may feel more emotionally driven or fixated on something. Scorpio is passionate as well as deeply driven to find emotional satisfaction.

Scorpio dares to go places that others can’t fathom in order to get what it wants.

This is also a sign that knows there is always another side to the story. With intuitive Neptune playing an important part of this magical moment, I know that new revelations might also begin to surface.

Beneficial insight or news may suddenly come out of nowhere. It’s also possible that we just get a good feeling or intrinsically know that whatever we’re beginning or feeling is meant to be. Something new is about to take root. Whether you intentionally make a decision to start a new endeavor or something suddenly falls into your lap – this November New Moon has the potential to help it grow fruitfully.

The two greatest benefics of the Zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, will be lending a hand to help us get it just right.

While some fear may play part in this New Moon story (this is Scorpio energy after all!), remember there is light to be found in the dark. All we have to do is make a commitment to face the unknown in order to see it. Most importantly try to be aware of the expansive Jupiter essence in the air. His big energy will be readily available on this November New Moon.

There are a ton of possibilities in what’s out there for the taking. All we have to do is face down our fears and replace them with courage, love and new intentions for something better……

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