November 2017 Full Moon: Super Moon in Taurus

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Full Moon Imagery by HolgaJen

The November 2017 Full Moon Will Be Supersized in Both Look & Feel

It’s Super Moon season, after all, which means it’s time to get our mind, body and souls ready for important turning points. With lucky Jupiter, the planet that thinks & acts big, thrown into the full moon story—it’ll be hard to miss both the look and feel of this the building energy.  All you have to do is start looking up at the sky a few days before it peaks and a knowing will come by the sheer size of the moon.

I have no doubt that important revelations, decisions and maybe a little luck will be coming to the surface. Relationships are also going to be a key theme with an important Venus – Uranus situation in play. Lots of insight will up for the taking, as well as, events to help us start wrapping us the year.  Two more Super Moons will follow this one — so a big shift has only just begun!

Here’s an excerpt from the November 2017 Full Moon Article in Member Horoscopes “Revelations”:

The November Full Moon takes place on during the late hours of the night on November 3rd / early morning November 4th(depending on your time zone). It will highlight the sign that takes no bull, and classify as a Super Moon taking our awareness to a whole new level. If you’ve been stuck and looking for something more—than this super-sized booster is going to be just the ticket into a whole new realm.

The moon will shine bigger and more brightly than she has in a while. Most importantly her look could begin to energize some of us. Something always starts to stir in the air at the time of a Super Moon. The high energy will likely begin to manifest a few days prior to the peak. It’s just too big to be missed – both internally and externally!

Super moons not only look beautiful in the sky but they light up our awareness in more ways than one.

They have the potential to create important AHA moments, big reveals, out of the blue events and big pushes into making important decisions.

In this instance, the moon’s supersized message will involve completing something or making the decision to take it to a whole new level. The message of change is still in the air, especially with Saturn (in his last stretch of Sagittarius) still working nicely with Uranus (the planet that likes to step outside the box).

But we’ll need to really go outside the norm in order to tap into it. With a feisty Uranus – Venus opposition in play at this time irritation will be hot for the taking. Relationships are going to be brought to a tipping point and someone may come to the point where they need to break free.

If you’ve been feeling bound by chains, or unhealthy attachments of any kind, this Super Moon will be pushing us to release from the shackles.

It doesn’t come all that easily though. You know the saying that goes, “Things can get a little crazy during a full moon”?  Well, that saying will certainly ring true here—-especially since this is a Super Full Moon highlighting two very powerful signs (Taurus & Scorpio).

Now that I’ve gotten the super stuff out of the way, let’s cozy up and talk more about the astrology behind this Super Moon’s message ….

The full moon herself will be nestled safely in the sign of Taurus.

She likes the security and safety of this sign. It’s like being wrapped up in a big cozy blanket feeling safe and happy. We hold onto the blanket too because nobody likes to let go of that feeling of security and warmth.

But (and there is always a BUT right?!?) ….

The Sun will be blazing strong in the sign that wants more – Scorpio.

That side will be working her magic and staring down the comforts and security of Taurus. They are opposites after all.

Just like every other full moon, a balancing act comes into play with the November 2017 Full Moon. But this time around things will get a little more intense. Jupiter’s involved and he’s really help to push the envelope. Some of us are going to find ourselves on the scales teetering between the need for security (Taurus) and the desire (Scorpio) for something more…..

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Art Credit: A supermoon thank you to Jennifer Henrikson Photography, for this super piece! Check out her other great works in her Etsy Shop


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