The November 2017 Astrology is All About Making the Decision to Rise Up and Out of the Ashes

With a Super Full Moon kicking the month off, we’re entering a perfect zone to release from the things that aren’t working and regenerate into something entirely new. It’s time to embrace new cycles that have been hinting to us all year long. With some incredibly re-energizing planetary combinations in motion, opportunity is now ripe for the taking. The only caveat is some fearlessness needs to come along for the ride. It is Scorpio season after all – the sign that isn’t scared of the dark.

The Scorpio energy will be helping us see beneath the surface and recognize things for what they really are. This will help us make the decisions we need to. November is the month to ask important questions and look behind the pretty veil of illusion. What we discover through the process will help us decide where we go next. 

November also welcomes us into Super Moon Season— which comes along with high energy and important insight. The Scorpio energy wants us to transform and rise up out of whatever flames have been engulfing us. If you’ve been feeling burnt down, then this is a zone that will help lift you up and out of the darkness. Opportunities are now in motion to help us get rid of whatever is taking our power away. Through the process, new room opens up to help us embrace something better.

The last thing I want to mention is that this is the time of year that the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Spirits of the past like to make an appearance here, so keep an open mind into making some out of this world connections! Perhaps some help from the other side will be helping us as we embrace where we go next.

WEEKLY PLAY-BY-PLAY:  NOVEMBER 1st-5th|  NOVEMBER 6th-12th|  NOVEMBER 13th-19th|  NOVEMBER 20th-26thNOVEMBER 27th-30th

What's on the planetary menu

The November 2017 Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Super Full Moon in Taurus (Nov 3-4), Saturn Uranus Trine (Nov 11), Venus Jupiter Conjunction (Nov 13), Cazimi Scorpio New Moon (Nov 18), Mars Pluto Square (Nov 19), Neptune Direct (Nov 22) Sun Enters Sagittarius (Nov 21) & Mercury Saturn Conjunction (Nov 27)

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Full Moon

NOVEMBER 1st-5th

Get ready Astro Peeps because Super Moon Season arrives now! The big news of the first week of November is the Super Full Moon in Taurus that takes place on November 3rd-4th. Energy will begin to build in the days leading up to this supersized planetary event. Don’t take my word on it – just take a look up into the night sky to see the building beauty of this super sized moon. Major light bulbs will be coming on as new revelations will start coming to the table – particularly when it comes to relationships.  Given the lineup of planetary players quite a few big reveals are in store!

What Does the Super Moon Mean for Me

NOVEMBER 6th-12th

The second week of November kicks off with Venus, the planet of love, entering the deep, mysterious & sexy waters of Scorpio! It’ll be time to take love matters to a more intimate and perhaps secret place. The bigger planetary news arrives on November 11th (11/11) with the grand finale of the Saturn Uranus trine that’s been in play since the end of last year. New opportunities have been calling our name and this is our last chance to get out there and grab them.

Give Me My Hot Spot Dates

NOVEMBER 13th-19th

A very auspicious week lies ahead! It’ll kick off with a special combination between Jupiter and Venus (the 2 greatest benefics of the Zodiac) on November 13th. The cherry on top will be the Scorpio Cazimi New Moon taking place on November 18th! The veil between our world and the world of those long gone will be at its thinnest during this period which makes insight very high. We will have a distinct opportunity to use the regenerative energy of Scorpio to our advantage and plant some very special seeds.

Tap Into the Opportunity of November’s New Moon

NOVEMBER 20th-26th

This week of Thanksgiving (in the USA) kicks off with the Sun moving into the more upbeat and optimistic terrain of Sagittarius. It’s time for all of us to shoot all our arrows of possibilities into the universe in order to see where they will land! Most of us will get in tune with a more positive outlook as well as an attitude of gratitude. Things will get a little hazy on November 22nd as Neptune, the planet of illusions, begin his station direct. Additional insights are coming out here and perhaps a few surprises there after. On November 25th, Mercury will move into an opportunistic trine with Uranus which may deliver some unexpected news (of the beneficial kind!) and help us to think outside the box.

Tell Me About My Lucky Jupiter

NOVEMBER 27th-30th

November will close out on a mixed note. On November 28th, some gloomy feelings may surround us with Saturn coming a little too close to communication driven Mercury. Difficult thoughts, news or the need for some plan B’s may be in store for some of us as a result. Thankfully the Sun, now in happy go lucky Sagittarius, will swing in on November 29th, making an upbeat play with the Moon in Aries. ***Special Heads Up: Mercury will begin his last retrograde of the year on December 3rd. Find out all you need to know about  Mercury retrograde periods including what they are both good and not good for.

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